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To that means, thank you so much Sarah Lorraine for your clarification wonderful 18th century on several misleading and slightly distorted inaccuracies. For the record, the 1760s stays have a French Canadian provenance, although the possibility of the stays actually being made inside France cannot be ruled out. ” That’s probably what wonderful 18th century irritates me the most! Is frequently cited Antique Original Oil On Canvas Still Life as a source for evidence that women bled into their clothes, but then the author also offers support for sponges, sanitary napkins, and makeshift tampons being wonderful 18th century used (also, I really have issues with the non-academic presentation of that site since it is often quoted, and that parts of it haven’t been updated in almost fifteen years is problematic as more research is always being done). Milli I would appreciate if you actually cited the real sources of the news and not the racist documentary funded by India-obsessed-still-racist BBC who have habit of labeling every country poor who happen to be non-white( incidentally ex-colonized). We wore wonderful 18th century clean underwear daily. You can refer to this excerpt of the book for more info on 14k Solid Gold Multicolor Antique Watch Case 18th-century commoner bathing practices (since wonderful 18th century the argument was raised that upper classes would have bathed while lower classes wouldn’t have). They’ve always used rags. Since I concentrate more on 19th cent. I have to say my focus at the time was more on the space I was working with, as well as the textiles (mostly furnishings) that were scattered about the place. Hilary I think those who pay more attention than I have observed that the majority of 18th century stays are either back-lacing only or front-lacing AND back-lacing, but I wanted to repeat something pointed out Antique Shaker Wood Copper Nail Four by another historian: while front-lacing stays are very appealing to modern women, it was rare for colonial British women to live without access to some dressing assistance. Neither we nor our clothes smelled offensive. You seem wonderful 18th century to have missed the point, haven’t you? When I showed it to my then-85 year wonderful 18th century old grandmother, she recognized it immediately. Email check failed, please try again Sorry, wonderful 18th century your blog cannot share posts by email. I will stake my claim on most of what the costumer said because you backpetaled and agreed with her by mistake. Very much about the lives of the poor, and some overlooked aspects of daily life. One thing to point out: way back when, wonderful 18th century women sewed. I don’t know much about practices outside my own area, but it’s appalling that anyone with access to today’s technology would make such errors as Terry is disturbing to say the least. But that was medieval society not wonderful 18th century the 1700s! Also, your characterization of India as ‘resistant’ and ‘backward’ is more offensive than wonderful 18th century simply poor. Men coming home from the lumber mills or mines would bathe and shave at basins on stands beside or on the back porch (sometimes the front porch, depending on the wonderful 18th century family, the house, and the location). This does not include public baths for men and women being used, however. Visual content is copyrighted to its respective owners, and inclusion here is under fair use for wonderful 18th Rare Fancy Antique Cast Iron century criticism, comment, and news reporting purposes. And we should not forget times and places. After that, she used a homemade dry shampoo made of very fine sawdust, mixed with dried herbs and flowers. Apparently there were built in bathtubs and rudimentary toilets that were serviced from an extremely large tank. Museum guy has never woken up to a flood in his bed. Though I will say that while sanitation was wonderful 18th century not what it is now. It’s not like they would have wanted to advertise their monthly predicament. All images are the property of Pav Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. 2) there were no tampons or pads when I was growing up. ” While I agree with the basic thrust of this article, that people were capable of keeping clean in the 18th century, this final sentence is flat out absurd. Oh because it is fiction. Menstruation while it is undocumented by 18thC sources, it is reasonable to expect that women in the Scottish Highlands in the 18th century did what others did and have done in similar times, climes, and circumstances: bleed and wipe occasionally at the privy; or use rags; or be “indisposed” if flow was significant. Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I wasn’t allowed to take pictures so wonderful 18th century my memory is hazy). Placed in wooden molds, one-by-one – European terra cotta tile is fired in wood-burning kilns using olive branches and pits over 72 hours to retain a constant temperature of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the wonderful 18th 16 Antique Chinese Old century bleeding all over the place is false. That sponge baths, using wonderful 18th century a towel and a small amount of water -if any- were far more common for pretty much all of Western history prior to widespread indoor plumbing. French elite, and as such, I don’t think I’m far off the mark here in what I wrote. So an education is taking place as well Antique French Bronze for the wearer. Newspapers are generally written on a 6th grade (American) reading level.

%d bloggers like this: European Flooring 1. I have heard nowadays it is very en vogue, and called “hydrospa. Which, in my wonderful 18th century opinion, is not what it should be. Firstly, a costumier is dressing a person who generally does not know what is aimed for in fit. From there, it helps wonderful 18th century me develop drafting formulas to convert and adapt the period’s drafting principles to a modern body (because bodies change through race, period, nutrition, genetic strain, etc etc). To the average (non-history buff) reader, who comes across Terry’s article, they will read it as “accurate”, easily understood material. Interestingly, she said she found that the dry scrub worked most effectively, whereas if she changed her linen but didn’t wash she found herself uncomfortably smelly quite quickly.

The information is so easy to collect, you almost have to look harder to find the misinformation, too. Whatever personal sanitary measures the French nobility might take, the fact remains that there was only ONE privy closet in Versailles, and that was reserved for the King. I’m a genealogist, and I recall my grandmother (an RN, born 1912) talking about homemade napkins. It’s not a huge leap in logic to assume 18th-century women did this as well. Sasha oh my gosh, I think about these things ALL the wonderful 18th century time when I watch or read period pieces. And I find it Porringer Kitchen Table Tiger Maple Wood fascinating that in many ways women were so much freer before the 19th century wonderful 18th century where everyone got buttoned up and stayed that way until well after the second world war That is fascinating real evidence thanks so much for sharing it! I wonderful 18th century love this post. But that hole drained into a cesspool, periodically wonderful 18th century emptied by night-soil men. If we could like comments on here I’d like yours. Again, it is wonderful 18th century well known that in large public areas and palaces etc, people pissed in corners. The corset is extremely well made, impressively so. She makes pretty clothes. As you can see, I’m not alone in the interpretation of Terry’s blog post. Hell, I might be sending people over to her blog to read about how this show could change the role of costuming in wonderful 18th century movies by legitimizing it as part of the storytelling process, instead of just set dressing. If you own the rights to content here and wish it removed, please contact us. All good wonderful 18th century looks take time. Women were clever Antique 19 Black Mulatto (and still are! I wonderful 18th century don’t know about you, but I find that mentality hugely insulting. , Ragnar Vagm rnasson XX TV series Outlander, based on the novel of 12 Antique Turquoise Bronze Seat Sakyamuni the same name by Diana Gabaldon. Menstrual rags were tied in place, sometimes padded with clean handsful of neps, the pilled and unspinnable clumps of spinning fibers, Baths were once a week, except for some of the old people who believed that bathing in Winter would cause pneumonia. Mays for more info on 18th century commoner bathing practices (since the argument was raised that upper classes would have bathed while lower classes wouldn’t have). For every account that decries it as foul, there’s an another source that says it’s wonderful 18th century an important sign of sexual maturity. It’s great that he’s interested in menstruation and how women dealt with it in the past (and I believe this is a sincere interest, not some wonderful 18th century pervy preoccupation), but the fact that he’s quoted so often as a resource makes me cringe a little because of the deplorable state of his website. How things have changed! Women would go in in their shifts or in nothing at all depending on where they lived. The bottom compartment was for the wood to burn to boil the water. Terry is keen to quote secondary sources like websites and a thesis (which can be disproven just as easily). Mercy After reading this (WONDERFUL! And the idea that people shat and peed everywhere, like cows really? ) Thanks for this though although I will say it does take me a while to wonderful 18th century get into my 16th century kit, but I’m including doing my hair in that. But wonderful 18th century that’s not going to stop me from trying to set the record straight! Female scents throughout cultures and histories have often been considered erotic, and menstrual blood smells were probably not unpleasant. Women made their own out of cheesecloth and cotton balls, and used and reused them.

We had an outdoor john until I was 10 years old, had a well for water, raised our own food-both animal and vegetable-and took Saturday baths, changing the bathwater as it got too dirty for the next bather. Most, however, did not bathe take immersion baths with any frequency unless affluent, etc. Maybe the very poor wonderful 18th century did, or soldiers on campaign or people traveling. Hence the tradition of the more wealthy taking summer haunts out in the country! ” When pressed, she tried to pass off a random post on an Internet forum as a “thesis” as though calling it that was going to shut the wonderful Antique Boulle 19 18th century critics down. – All Rights Reserved. The thought of drying blood (getting cold as the air breezes through it) congealing and saturating the clothes whatta mess. Bejay “In wonderful 18th century short, it’s not like we’re any better with the whole problem of public sanitation thing than they were 300 years ago. If wonderful 18th century it was so natural and commonplace, why is there no visual representation of it? Several historians examined and confirmed the garment’s authenticity. Andrew Yes, some women are more adept at dressing themselves and some aren’t. Sometimes you just want to watch pretty people wearing pretty clothes being pretty in pretty locations. Archaeology here in Virginia show that wonderful 18th century farmhouse were often surrounded by accumulations of garbage. It was shaping up to look like wonderful 18th century the dark side of Marie Antoinette’s bright world. She tried this and found that it let her wear the same shift for several days without any odor problems. If she’d just wonderful 18th century stopped there, then I wouldn’t be writing this post. Having a cleanish method of collecting your menstrual flow would have just made all the other things in their busy lives so much easier. Hour glass-ish shape with long strips of fabric at each wonderful 18th century corner, I’m assuming tied at the side, but I suppose could have tied front or back side as well. While sea sponges were available as imported items in larger seaports, it is unlikely most women in the Scottish Highlands would have had ready access to them. How could wonderful 18th century a poor woman even Copeland China 1893 Set 8 Dinner afford that? Let’s re-read wonderful 18th century what I wrote, re: bathing: “Full emersion bathing, like what we modern people think of as “taking a bath” was rare inside the home in the 18th century, mostly due to the sheer amount of labor involved in collecting and heating enough water to sustain a soak. Who would just bleed into clothing, mattresses (yeah, wonderful 18th century try cleaning those), furniture, rugs? Realize, for instance, that there were period of times during the reign of Louis XV when the average quantity of available water per capita in Paris was a half-liter (including water used for cooking). Also read where poor women who would be working in the fields could and did lift their skirts and squat. Susan I wish I had kept the source, as I remember it every time this idea of undergarments arises. They sewed a lot. She also never said it took 20 minutes to lace a corset in the 18th century, just that it did in the scene as it was filmed, causing the full scene to be over 30 minutes in length. The “average” reader I’m referring to would be the general person that would perhaps be educated enough to read a newspaper. I agree that it will take me a 3 Carat Red Diamond good 45 minutes to get completely dressed wonderful 18th century in my 18th clothes, but well over 3 4 of that time is spent doing hair and makeup, NOT actually putting on clothes. An earlier period I know (& do forgive if already mentioned in posts) but do see ‘The Medieval Vagina: An wonderful 18th century Historical & Hysterical Look at All Things Vaginal in the Middle Ages’ by Karen L Harris & Lori Caskey-Sigety Very interesting especially on menstruation & available for Kindle, too, at just 2:59 As an Oxford graduate in post-mediaeval history, plus author of 17th-18th- early19th century novels, I did write a fun piece for my blog “No Knickers Going Commando! Instructions are included for their construction in layers and a seeming belt to tie them next to the body. But apparently the royals and more senior people wonderful 18th century had the luxury of pots. Alison Campbell While wonderful 18th century I agree with you, just one wee point. I shake my head to think historians find women so inept that they could not invent something to contain their bodily fluids. Back then, it was common for entire families to live along one creek up a ‘holler’ (some still do, even), with the houses as close to the common creek as possible for irrigation, nutrition, and bathing purposes. The unthinking mindset of those listening is that if the speaker is “famous” or linked to “fame” then what they are saying is true. The French wonderful 18th century had huge respect for the place, so I understood their concern. Thank wonderful 18th century you for kicking the snot out of that stupid post. Fine, nice that you agree, but you neednt take such a knee-jerk-negatively-judging tone about it 😉 Laura Carmichael You both wonderful 18th century miss the points, sadly. Donna Ahhh, so the person who runs the Museum of Menstruation is a man? Knitting was easy, wonderful 18th century quick, and portable. Jack wonderful 18th century Thank-you. I suspect the type of facility available to a wonderful 18th century person England Country Carved 1840s Antique for toileting, particularly at a palace, largely depended on one’s social status within the environment. I find wonderful 18th century this takes anywhere from about 15 mins to half an hour. It is the same repetition wonderful 18th century of clich ‘s, alas. No bathing: This is absurdly misinformed and is actually wonderful 18th century pretty straight forward to debunk. Trystan and I were discussing this on the ride home today: There are people in the poorest nations on this planet who lack access to indoor plumbing as well as menstrual products, who still don’t pee or poo in the corner of their houses or bleed on themselves during that time of the month. In fact, wonderful 18th century the opening, where the busk was taken out, looks as thought it may have been created purposefully perhaps the corset was turned into an everyday ‘working’ corset or something of that ilk in later life? Terry is the costumer for the new TV series Outlander, based on the novel Semi Antique Red of the same name by Diana Gabaldon.

“Miss “I am an expert on Scotland but do not know what a stovie is” Gabaldon, you mean? There were basins that people used on a daily basis, but it wasn’t a regular thing to immerse one’s body in water. Voila, I think that from the beginning of times women really had this basic instinct and were bright enough to devise of a means to keep the rag in place, like: take a piece of string, tie around the hips put the rag between Antique Chinese Qing your legs and tie the ends to the string at the wonderful 18th century front and at the back.

About the Versailles thing, who was the curator you spoke with who told you they pooped out of windows and wonderful 18th century what department were they curator of? ” wonderful 18th century Yes, this. But many others, according to several sources, relieved themselves behind the curtains, on the stairways, and just about any other place, in at least one instance over a balcony rail, much to the detriment of those below. So extant chatter can indicate alternative possibilities to ‘authoritative’ evidence, just as it does today. There’s plenty of Feminist theory written about wonderful 18th century why women were denied the privilege of wearing underwear, but I won’t bore you with it (if you’re interested, look up Jill Fields’ ). Regarding the smell, I don’t think there is enough historically accurate information out there to say one way or the other if men were driven to sexual desires because of the way a woman smelled during her menses. ” Because I said exactly that- that full emersion bathing was NOT done on a regular basis. I’ve known about his website since the late-90s, and the fact that it has barely changed in that time makes me lend less and Antique Sevres Ormolu Bronze less credibility to his cause. ), and pipes, as Lovely Original Antique Oil On Board well as bathtubs made of wood with overhead showers, that worked by pulling on a cord or chain. Garsault’s Art of the Linen Maid Art de wonderful 18th century la lingere , an 18thC French text, discusses providing 6 dozen chauffoirs, or sanitary napkins, as part of a new bride’s trousseau, the assumption was she would need them for after childbirth and during her monthlies. In fact, there was recently report of a guy in India who has, for lack of a better description, a menstrual pad start up. One might say it was wonderful 18th century like a window into days past. Very wonderful 18th century interesting! We will address the clothing misinformation in an upcoming podcast, but I thought it was more effective to address the factual wonderful 18th century errors about hygiene in the 18th century in a blog post. Going back and reading the so called “negative” comments wonderful 18th century on that post reveals nothing actually rude was written the harshest tone was a hell of a lot nicer that what you’ve just written here.

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