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LEARN MORE ABOUT OUT OUR MANY CUSTOM DESIGN OPTIONS Hundreds of antique lighting styles. We have been located in Newport since 1985. Learn more about our antique bronze usa metal finishes and all of our many. Photo on the right shows the types of styles you can expect to receive – random selection. Keys have a flat piece of metal that antique bronze usa in some cases may be able to be Antique Monumental Moser Cranberry Art cut filed to fit the lock on your trunk, but there are no guarantees. DECORATING ADVICE When you place your order, we will be happy to offer our professional suggestions or Decorating Advice on the size, metal finish, glass and other custom options available for your lighting fixtures. Hollow shaft. 5″ long overall; shaft length is 1. Condition: wear to the glass on the underside; the sterling silver lid has several dents as noted in the images, showing use consistent with age. No lock antique bronze usa shall be opened by these keys. 9 64″ ID Key #10, $8 each, Free shipping in the USA Key #10, $350 per 100, Free shipping in the USA Sold and intended for antique bronze usa decorative use only – not returnable. There is a hall mark between the letters GJ , but we don’t recognize the mark. Composed of a letter antique bronze usa opener (6. 1 8″ ID Key #9, $8 each, Free shipping in the USA Or, order them in larger quantities: antique bronze usa 100 of key style #9, $375, shipping included for USA addresses Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. All antique bronze usa Rights Reserved. Call us Toll Free to place your order and we will be happy to explain in greater detail as needed. This inkwell has been Chinese Ancient Antique Blue & White Porcelain SOLD # 4390. Consistent antique bronze usa with works of Pairpoint Factory. Fine porcelain with hand painted decorations including arrow and quiver, flowers, exotic birds, fruit ( strawberries, plums, cherries) and a musical instrument (a mandolin type instrument). Need Keys for antique bronze usa a Necklace? Can be a daunting task. This item has been sold. We are open daily from 11 am to Antique German Heubach 5 pm and by appointment. This key is 2-9 16″ long overall. Unlike “off the shelf”, mass produced lights, CLC offers many such as over 25 metal finishes, many shade choices, custom measurements, arm style, arm configuration, holder style, backplate selection and more. The slot on your trunk lock must be perfectly flat – no squiggles and no post in the center – just a plain, flat slot. Net Home Page Choose from our Collection of Reproduction key Blanks! Style A is a little over 1-3 4″ long. 165″ (larger than 1 8 of an inch), outside diameter. Key Style #12 Brass-plated steel (antique brass finish) 2-3 8″ long overall; shaft length is 1-3 8″ flag end as shown with notch, hollow shaft, Brass-plated steel. Key 16 has a ‘flag’ piece at the end that’s about 1 8″ long and it extends out from the shaft by about 3 32″ Sold in pairs for $10, and this includes shipping to any USA address.

Just SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE to see each antique bronze usa key up close along with prices and more info. To start, learn more antique bronze usa about our many Custom Options. Take a close look – these keys are hollow on the back – they’re not real keys – they’re just for decoration or jewelry use. Leather with brass pierced decoration; enamel (paint) colors. This ink well weighs 3. If you have an Semi Antique Hand interest in an item listed in this document or wish to purchase an item, please call us at 1- (cell: ). All of our fine antique lighting fixture reproductions can be designed in 24 different metal finishes. Style F is about 1″ long and looks like a ring of old skeleton keys. They feel like a key, look like a key, but will twist and or break if you try to turn a lock with them. Style B is about 1-3 8″ long. Price for the set antique bronze usa is: $450. Key 20 is 1-3 16″ long and is solid – NOT a hollow key – and is small – about 1 16″ in diameter along the shank of the key. AntiqueKeys. The ‘flag’ on Key 21 projects out 9 32″ from the barrel of the key, and it’s about 7 32″ in breadth. Only CLC gives antique bronze usa you complete design control! We’re told by the casting plant that it’s all brass. ” The cavelier stands holding a sword attached to his hip; over his shoulder he holds part of a cross bow the end was broken off at some time and lost. Something went wrong while Antique Kpm Berlin White Porcelain Dinner submitting the form REPRODUCTION KEYS Skeleton keys and antique bronze usa vintage key blanks Some fit old locks and furniture Some just look nice Some make a nice jingle in your pocket AntiqueKeys. Some wear to the silver-plate. Vintage bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, antique bronze usa dining room chandeliers and more. Furthermore, all of our lights can be custom antique bronze usa designed in many different ways providing you complete design control. Endless possibilities! Style D is about 1-1 2″ long. CUSTOMER SERVICE Designing a group of coordinated lighting fixtures for bath room, kitchen, dining room or antique bronze usa for an entire home, business, movie set, restaurant, etc. Still, they look great! A Marble and Gilt antique bronze usa Bronze Empire Style Ink stand. 9 64″ ID Key #8, $8 each, Free shipping in the USA Key #8, $375 per 100, Free shipping in the USA Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. Style E is antique bronze usa about 3″ long. ID = 9 64″ Key #4, $8 each, Free shipping in the USA Key #4, $200 per 100, Free shipping in the USA Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable Key Style #6 Nickel finish (bright silver color) 2. Shank is 1-1 2″ long. Monogram “E. We’ve got six styles: Scroll down or Reproduction Keys Key Style #1 Excelsior T-46K These keys fit many locks made by Long, American, Everlasting, and others, many of which will have the letters code T-46K stamped on the lock.

Our Lighting Fixtures Are Not Available Anywhere Else CLC is the only place to get our light fixtures. Inside diameter is antique bronze usa 1 8″. A late antique bronze usa 18th early 19th century ink pot.

Price: $850. Decorative Key Blanks These are hollow-shank keys that are intended for decorative use only. Key Style #9 Brass-plated steel (bright gold finish) 3″ long overall; shaft length is 1-1 4″, plain end as shown, hollow shaft, Brass-plated steel. It is an attractive and usable inkwell. Every light fixture starts from antique bronze usa solid Italian and or Greek Brass and offers polished, matt, weathered, antique and satin textures in brass, nickel, chrome, pewter, bronze, copper even 24K gold! The lid is monogramed I believe “A” “L”. The symbols on each item probably have meaning and might relate to a antique bronze usa family of note: dog, crown, cross. NOTABLE CLIENTS CUSTOM OPTIONS For home lighting, business, museum, restaurant or movie set, learn more about our Custom Options to help you design the absolute perfectly coordinated lighting theme for your dining room, living room, study, bedroom, powder room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. All of our lighting fixtures start from solid brass in round, reeded, square or rope tubing utilizing the best quality components like porcelain sockets and imported glass shades. Style C antique bronze usa is about 1-5 8″ long. Price: $1,200. Postal or Fedex. Two ink holders; pen rests. Key 18 $10 each, USA shipping included Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. A fine Grand Tour Desk Set. This antique bronze usa key is heavy – weighs 0. Price: $285. Keys 19 and 20 are sold in pairs for $10, and this includes shipping to any USA address. Probably antique bronze usa 19th century. 1 8″ ID Key #7, $8 antique bronze usa each, Free shipping in the USA Key #7, 250 per 100, Free shipping in the USA Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. 5″ x 10″, on 4 small bun feet. Probably European late 19th century. Chances are pretty good that if your lock has a plain narrow slot like the one antique bronze usa shown above these keys will fit. 7 of an ounce, and is 2-7 8″ long overall. Rare Incredible Antique Our Customer Service page will have many answers to the most commonly antique bronze usa asked questions like Delivery Time, Electrical Wattage, Shipping, Product Particulars, and how to best coordinate your lighting. There are no missing brass elements. Initialed “O. At the tip is antique bronze usa 1 8″ Brass-plated steel. ID = 1 8” Key # 2, $8 each, free USA shipping Key # 2, $300 per 100, free USA shipping Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. Make your selections and call us Toll Free to speak antique bronze usa with a designer who will work with you to adhere to your design theme, specs and spatial requirements.

More Small Barrel Keys Key Styles 19 and 20 Key styles 19 and 20 are very small nickel cast barrel keys that fit things like jewelry box locks. Cheap Brass Keys, set of 10 for $10. Key 17 $10 each, USA shipping included xxxx Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. ” Condition: metalwork is in fine condition: the glass ink pot is missing. From Historic buildings, The US Capitol, antique bronze usa Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Films, Disney, Celebrity Homes, HGTV, the US Postal Service, The US Army, Famous Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Theaters, Historical Landmarks and many Interior Designers and Architects, Set Decorators, Developers, General Contractors and of course the antique bronze usa general public.

Replacement key, style #1, sold in packs of two keys each for antique Antique Estate Platinum 25ct Genuine bronze usa $10; shipping included for all USA locations. Call Toll Free while you are on our website to speak with a designer who can help you with all of your lighting fixture selections. Metal plate is 3 16 wide (parallel to the shaft) by 1 4″ long. If antique bronze usa you can see two round rings inside the keyhole, then the grooves in the end of this key just may fit. 5″ across and 4″ tall. Key 19 Antique Brass Pair $10 Key 19 Nickel Pair $10 Key 20 Brass Pair $10 Key Style 17 Key style 17 is a double bit key that was used on clocks, jewelry boxes, bureau drawers, and some chest locks. VINTAGE KEY BLANKS We keep a antique bronze usa stock of vintage and hard-to-find key blanks – just let us know what you need and we’ll see if we can dig it up.

Thickness or width of the flag is 1 8″ Key 21 $10 each, USA shipping included Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. One of each key, styles 2-14. Metal plate is 3 16″ by 1 4″ ID = 3 32″ Brass The larger version of Key 3 measures 1 and 15 16″ long overall; shaft length is 1″. Item antique bronze usa code = Key1 Need more than just a few of these? A figural wax seal. Key Style #8 Brass-plated steel (bright gold finish) 2-3 16″ long overall; shaft length is 1-1 4″, flag end as shown, hollow shaft, Brass-plated steel. Condition: the metal antique bronze usa work in in excellent condition. Our Email address is: antique bronze usa Free counters provided by. There is a hallmark: “HG” on the footed base. Circa: turn antique bronze usa of the century. Key 16 Nickel 2 for $10 Key 16 Brass 2 for $10 Key 16 Antique Brass 2 for $10 Sold and intended for decorative use only – not returnable. We are not another retail store offering the same brand as the next. Original antique bronze usa fabric interior. It all starts with your personal tastes and spatial requirements with many other factors to consider including the vintage period you’re after. 5″ long overall; Good Looking Area Rug 6×10 Persian Exclusive shaft length is 1 and 3 8″, notched end as shown, hollow shaft, Brass-plated steel. Key Style 21 Key style 21 is a brass (non-magnetic) key that’s a typical antique bronze usa cabinet lock key. Metal finish, measurements, arms, tubing and antique bronze usa glass shades are a few of the design options available on our fine light fixtures in Victorian, Colonial, Mission, Art Deco, Gaslight and vintage lighting styles. Your submission antique bronze usa has been received! Austrian Eagle on the cover along with the date – 1875. Net Home Page John & Rico’s Fine Antique Ink wells – Inkwells – Inkstands and Writing Accoutrements Pens, Seals, Letter Openers, Blotters from The Drawing Room of Newport. Small Keys for Necklaces Lightweight brass keys have a ring at top so that you can string them on a necklace or just dangle them in the air. Condition: no glass ink pots; loss and repair to the marble: red denotes loss, green denotes repair; the marble has cracked along veins; gilt loss to the bronze. Important: A recent customer was kind enough to offer an opinion that this key is made of zinc with a brass plating. Key 20 available in brass plate only (gold antique bronze usa in color). More Cheesy Keys, But These are Small Just as cheesy and cheap as the ones above, but these are smaller, from 5 8″ to 1. Shiny gold color, made of cast brass. Key Style #13 Brass-plated steel (bright brass finish) 2-1 2″ long overall; shaft length is 1-3 8″, flag end as shown with notch, hollow shaft, Brass-plated steel. Small Barrel Keys – Jewelry Box Keys Key Style 16 (Note: Key 4 is shown here just so you can compare the sizes – you can purchase Key 4 by scrolling back up this page, and Key 15 is no onger available) Key style 16 is a very small cast barrel key that fits things like jewelry box locks. We will supply a substitute keys for Keys 5 and 11 in this collection. Variety of styles, sold in antique bronze usa a random mix. Size: 7″ tall; 2. Condition: scuffs to the leather consistent with use and age. Incised on the underside: “A. Late antique bronze usa 19th century. 00, USA shipping included. It looks nice just hanging on a chain around your neck, feels good jangling around in your pocket. The box: the top is separated from the lower section with the hinges broken; the top has a long crack; the leather is Circa 1920s Antique Kork considerably scuffed. Shiny antique bronze usa metallic silver finish; made of cast nickel. A antique bronze usa Glass and Sterling Silver Inkwell. Key Style #2 2 and 3 8″ long overall; shaft length is 1 and 3 8″. All in all a very presentable inkstand.

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