Antique Japanese Watercolor Painting Of Birdmtns On Scroll Type Paper Signed

Utamaro s humor can be noticed in the amusing detail of the running mouse. Aiban yoko-e size: 12 2 3 x 9 3 4 inches. Contact Info Rare Shunga Gay Encounter In The Backyard Kunisada c. Minor soling China Antique Handmade Cloisonne only. Fine impression, very good color and condition. Gay – Lesbian Shunga. An older male Antique Impressionist Cityscape Oil Painting makes love to an adolescent girl. 25 ) in Japanese Erotic Art, the Hidden World of Shunga by Ofer Shagan. Contact antique japanese watercolor Info Intercourse Close Up Design Just Before Penetration Utagawa Sadashige Toyokuni c. Usual vertical centerfold and vertical folds on both sides of the print, antique japanese watercolor otherwise very good state. Produced by a highly-skilled Japanese artist! Koban size (each print): 4 4 5 x 3 1 5 inches. Hokusai – c. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock print by Utagawa Sadashige (aka. P4110 – – US$ Currency Converter. Return antique japanese watercolor to top. A wakashu kabuki actor (young male actors portraying female roles often wearing purple headbands) making love to an older male. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock print by Isoda Koryusai (1735-1790). Contact Info Utagawa Kunisada Gay Encounter With Wakashu Kabuki c. Fine antique japanese watercolor impression, color and condition. Click here for more info on this design! Contact Info Rare Shikake-e Fold-Out Print Fourteen Females And One Lucky Guy c. 1785 Click on the Picture. Series: Makura bunko (The Pillow Library). 1854-1860). P4051 p4061 Contact Info Erotic Shunga Paintings. Virtually full size. Click on the Picture. “A Meiji era masterpiece Vtg Antique German Nymphenburg Porcelain Set Of featuring a young couple wearing the latest fashion making love while standing in shallow water. An elegant erotic design portraying antique japanese watercolor a young couple having intercourse while entwined in a mosquito-net. Antique Treen Maple Wood Carved England Fine impression (with very nice gauffrage and pigment details), very good color and condition. Highly amusing erotic scroll from the Meiji era featuring scenes of men and women battling each other in some kind of erotic wrestling match. (11 4 5 ft 3. Very good impression, color and condition.

Near flawless state! Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock attributed to Utagawa Kunisada (1786 1865). Shunga – Erotic ( Art ) – Japan Antique Shunga Antique Morosini Roma Antique Art Deco Diamond Woodblock Click on the Picture. 153) in Shunga, Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art by the British Museum ( Timothy Clark, C. P4070 p4086 Contact Info Keisai antique japanese watercolor Eisen ( 1790-1848 ). Ex-Ferdinand antique japanese watercolor Bertholet collection. P4128 – 1450 – US$ Currency Converter. 90 91 (Fig. P4100 p4105 Contact Info antique japanese watercolor Shunga Koikawa Shozan c. P4090 485 – US$ antique japanese watercolor Currency Converter. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock by an unidentified artist. Minor wrinkling, marks and antique japanese watercolor flaws only.

Description: Original antique Japanese erotic scroll with twelve paintings by the Osaka master Suzuki Hyakunen (1825-1891). Size: 5 3 4 x 8 3 4 inches. 26) ‘Japanese Erotic Art: The Hidden World of Shunga by Ofer Shagan. Click here for more info on this shikake-e piece!

P3790 p3797 Contact Info Katsukawa Shunch c. P2725 p2748 Contact Info Utagawa Kunitora Pair Of Antique French Bronze c. Very nice colors. Description: antique japanese Antique Victorian 18k Solid Yellow watercolor Original antique Japanese color woodblock print by Keisai Eisen (1790-1848). Size: 8 2 5 x 7 inches. P4106 – – US$ Currency Converter. Erotic Shunga Paintings – Scroll. Very minor marks and flaws only. 12 Koban Prints Including Original Storage Folder c. Size print: 14 1 4 x 6 1 2 inches. A very nice scroll with 12 highly detailed erotic images featuring sensual love-making. Shunga ( Erotic antique japanese watercolor picture ). A striking egoyomi (calendar print) design with a lesbian madam experimenting with various sex toys on a younger geisha. Contact Antique Vienna Bronze Info Mature Male And Adolescent Lover Voyeur Isoda Koryusai c. Contact Info Utagawa Kunisada Lesbian Madam Sex Toys c. “A secret gay encounter between a young male prostitute and a antique japanese watercolor mature male in the backyard. P4121 – antique japanese watercolor – US$ Currency Converter. From an untitled series Fine impression, near fine color and condition. The brown spots on the orange-colored staircase at the bottom left of the image are caused by oxidation of the colour pigments. Koban size: 5 Circa 1920s Antique Persian Shiraz Gabbeh Rug x 3 1 2 inches. Minor marks and flaws but overall in a very nice state! Extremely rare! This design was probably inspired by the piece from the Conjugal Eddies-series. Contact Info Early Rape Design Molestation Of A Seamstress Isoda Koryusai c. A young girl on the second floor of a house is disturbed in her sewing work by a hairy intruder with a shaggy beard. P4125 – 585 – US$ Currency Converter. A nice close-up design of male and female genitalia just before penetration. Backing (precautionary). 6) Japanese Erotic Prints: Shunga by Harunobu & Koryusai by Inge Klompmakers. Fine impression (with excellent use of metallic pigments), very good color and condition. P4012 – 1250 – US$ Currency Converter. Website – Gallery – Start 02-12-1995 – akantiek. Sumi-e (black ink) on paper. Description: Original antique Japanese erotic scroll with thirteen paintings in the Kyosai style by an anonymous Meiji artist. P3780 p3786 Contact Info Keisai Eisen ( 1790-1848 ). Size antique japanese watercolor scroll: ca. Article INDEX. P4127 – 3250 – US$ Currency Converter. Description: Original complete antique Japanese color woodblock print set by an unknown antique japanese watercolor Meiji artist. Series: Kon kurabe tama no ase Fine impression, very good color and condition. Aiban yoko-e size: 13 antique japanese watercolor 1 5 x 9 inches. Contact Antique Black Forest Weather House Cuckoo Info antique japanese watercolor Keisai Eisen Orgy With 5 Couples c. Contact Info Rare And Best Buy On Famous Rape antique japanese watercolor Scene Masked Intruder With Tied Woman Utagawa Sadashige Toyokuni c. One of the nicest double-page designs in this series depicting five intimate couples in the various stages of love-making. Description: Original antique Japanese antique japanese watercolor color woodblock print by Utagawa Yoshinobu (act. Click here for an extensive description of this design and series! Contact Info Chokyosai Eiri Under The Mosquito-Net c. Size: 10 4 5 x 8 Antique Oak Leaded Curve Glass Stepdown China 1 2 inches. 1789-1801). For purchase inquiries, info. Contact Info Utagawa antique japanese watercolor Yoshinobu Revealing Antique Original Oil Painting Van Thoren Rapist c. The presentation folder features two kamuro (geisha apprentice) read shunga books to learn about their future profession. Description: Original Antique French Early antique Japanese color woodblock attributed to Chokyosai Eiri (act. Surimono Shunga. A nice design with a lucky man enjoying himself with multiple women of different ages. Shunga (Erotic print).

Contact Info Humorous Shunga Scroll Kyosai Style c. Slightly backed, very minor marks and flaws only. Big Antique Chinese Bronze The style of the Kon kurabe tama no ase series is also reminiscent of Utagawa Toyokuni Antique Victorian Garnet Bracelet I, and could very well be a later work by him Reference: p. Slight centerfold, minor wear and soiling, wrinkling and some very antique japanese watercolor minute wormholes. Minor marks antique japanese watercolor and flaws. Antique 18th Century Original Figural Oil Painting A very nice shikake-e (trick picture) featuring 14 nude females in different poses and of different ages Tibetan Antique Prayer Beads and professions. The carving of weave of the mosquito-net was such a challenge that most shunga on this theme Heavy Large Pair Antique Foo Dogs feature the protagonists outside the raised net. Shunga KORYUSAI Isoda ( 1735 1790 ) Click on the Picture. P4032 p4036 Contact Info Shunga Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861). Needle box ) with a pin cushion on top, a striped piece of antique japanese watercolor cloth, a pair of scissors and a ruler. Size: 9 1 2 x 7 1 8 inches. P4117 – 1450 – US$ Currency Converter. 1818-1860). (17 ft long) 204 3 4 x 9 inches ( 520cm x 20cm ). Size: 9 4 5 x 8 2 5 inches. Series: Ehon takara gura (Treasure Room of Love). Pencil and color antique japanese watercolor on paper. Contact antique japanese watercolor Info Kitagawa Utamaro Exhausted Couple c. Eu – – Chinese Antique Xiuyan All rights reserved. Ink and watercolor on paper. Striking Shunga Themes. The fallen screen in the background reminds Antique Chinese Vase Vessel Glazed Pottery us of the violent interaction that happened shortly before. Contact Info Keisai Eisen Masterpiece Large Antique 1800s Orgy With Sex Toys A Light Spring Snow c. Nice colors and condition. This is one of the earliest examples in the shunga genre that features an explicit rape! Luxuriously printed shunga with mica (pearl powder), silver and gold pigments and embossing. Click HERE for a post on antique japanese watercolor our other site with more info. Fine impression (with excellent use of gauffrage and metallic pigments), color and very good condition. ” antique japanese watercolor References: p. The girl s unfinished needlework can be seen in the bottom right: a haribako (sewing box, lit. We can only see part of Balmoral 48 Single Vanity the girl s face, but it might very well be that she is not amused, and that this furry man is an uninvited burglar who as forced the luscious Pair Of Antique sewer to have sex with him. The prints antique japanese watercolor are in a pristine condition with strong inkbleed through. Famous Shunga Masterpiece Diving Girl With Octopus. Description: Original antique Japanese color woodblock by Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806). Contact Info Rare Complete Meiji Shunga Set. ( 13 ft long ) 157 1 2 x 8 inches ( 400cm x 20 antique japanese watercolor 1 3cm ). Storage folder: 5 1 4 x 3 3 4 iinches. Contact Info Excellent Shunga Scroll With 12 Silhouette Paintings Suzuki Hyakunen c. Contact Info Beautiful Shunga Scroll Including Original Storage Box Maki-e Meiji Era Twelve Exciting Paintings Rape Masturbating Girl Monk c. P4120 – 885 – US$ Currency Converter.

A woman has been tied to a tree and is being raped by a villain who is identifying himself by taking off his disguise. Japanese Art Coevorden ( The Netherlands ) Website – Gallery – Start Antique Japanese Woodblock Prints. Click on the Picture p4010 antique japanese watercolor – 2350 – US$ Currency Converter.

It s a game in which the included puppet can be moved over the surface antique japanese watercolor and his erected penis can be inserted into the vagina s due to the slits in the paper.

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