Antique Nailsea English Art Glass Blown Blue White 3 Piece Skirts Up Fairy Lamp

Please see our article on -Friends, Family and Land W Walsh Walsh to purchase examples please visit British Glass Webb, Thomas for stock for further info The finest examples of English Cameo Antique Nailsea English glass were produced by Thomas Webb. Dresser, Dr Christopher (1834-1904) one item for sale on the British Glass page Designed glass for James Couper & Sons in the 1880 s Drinking Glasses Wine Glasses – Collectors Glasses items for sale are on Includes glasses known by the following terms: Hock, Shot, Champagne, Goblet, Claret, Flute, Coupe, Port, Liqueur, Sherry, Punch, Ice, Water, Toasting, Martini, Dram, Stems, Red and White Wine, Cocktail, Highball, Chalice, Tumbler, Beaker, Tot and many others. Stained Glass – None in stock Steins Please go to our page. The use of decorative motifs such as sphinx heads, hieroglyphics and scarabs. This ancient Roman technique was revived by the English in the late 19th century. Formal patterns Antique Nailsea English produced by Stevens & Williams. Islamic Market Please see our and pages. Ornate Antique Nailsea English repetitive designs were possible with the mechanized needle. The Antique Nailsea English same decorative canes can also be used to decorate the interior of paperweights. Enamelled decoration view this technique in our current stock of Moser Glass and White or coloured enamel paints were generally hand-painted on a finished piece of glass which 19th Cen Madonna Statue is then re-fired to adhere the enamel decoration to the glass base. Back to R Rainbow Glass for examples please go to Stevens & Williams -Vases page. Nailsea items tend to be domestic wares, bottles and ornamental items, including tobacco pipes and novelty wares. Designers included G Walton and Dr Christopher Dresser. The lustre of the silver foil is maintained by the exclusion of air in the trap It is most usually marked with S and W letters in script and joined together and has a ground pontil. His own company Ysart Brothers Glass 1945 produced the Antique Nailsea English similar Vasart range. Worked for Thomas Webb & Sons and engraved items in Classical style, particularly on the rock crystal body. Used by and Despret. Sometimes confused with Carnival glass which is inferior and Antique Nailsea English usually of copper or purple green tones. Eastern Roman empire style.

A form Antique Nailsea English of glass invented by Egermann in Bohemia, c. Cameo most often refers to glass which is composed Antique Nailsea English of a solid white layer of glass cut through to the base colour. Registered Design Numbers Please go to for consultancy information Sometimes found on glass and Mark used on wares registered Antique Nailsea English with the British Patent Office, Diamond Mark used 1842-83 thereafter a number prefixed by Rd. Golf, decorated glass Antique Nailsea English for our stock Sporting Antiques Great Exhibition See Crystal Palace. Heisey to view Antique Nailsea English an item from our stock Rock Crystal and Colourless Glass Ohio, USA. Also Cristaux Crystal Palace please go Antique Nailsea English to our page. Opaline Antique Nailsea English glass wares made between 1850-1870. Pate-de-Verre is sometimes called Pate-de-Riz. Notable firms Fratelli Toso, Salviati, Barovier Toso & Company and Venini. Diamond Point etching is where a hand-held or mechanized needle is used to draw Antique Nailsea English a fine-lined design on a piece. Hock Glass Hock Glasses Hock is a German wine which was very popular at the turn of the 19th Century. Hortensia Glass see Gorge de Pigeon definition to view items from our stock and Back to I Intaglio to view intaglio items from our stock Stevens & Williams (all pages) Tassie Marchant & Brown Engraving below the surface of the Antique File Cabinet From glass Antique Silver Plate Tea object to produce an image in relief, the background being the highest surface, used to great effect by Tassie for glass gemstones. Meyers Neffe Medallion Cameo (Stuart) to purchase go to British Glass page A highly prized make of British Cameo Glass produced by the Stuart Manufactory – rare and Antique Nailsea English highly collectable. Stevens and Williams Hock Glasses Stevens & Williams Other Shapes for further info Antique Nailsea English History of Stevens & Williams New Website devoted to S&W coming soon! Base for water cooled smoking implement. Wheel Engraving A rotating wheel cuts into the surface of the glass to form a pattern. Austrian pottery decorator and teacher, designs in Antique Nailsea English glass produced by Loetz. Dichroic Glass for examples please go to Moser Glass Two coloured glass which shows a different colour in different light. It has been suggested that all the surviving, known, antique Alexandrite Antique Nailsea English glass was produced from a single batch. 1864 Koepping, Karl (1848-1914) Antique Nailsea English See our European Producers for items in this style. Diamond Registration Marks (or Registered Design Numbers) Photographs of Registered Design Numbers on Andrew’s stock. An art movement of style which developed in Europe and spread world-wide Antique Nailsea English reaching a peak c. Heavy textured glasswares often incorporating air trap bubbles and applied medallions. Crimean War one item for sale on the page Crystal A generic term referring to thin, fine quality glass stemware produced since the early 20th century. Invented by Joseph Riedel and named after his wife Anna. Verre de Soie (Satin Airtrap) to purchase examples please visit Introduced in 1886.

A rare and desirable artist. To purchase examples please go to Poschinger to purchase examples please go to Well respected producer of high quality wares, Munich, Antique Wedding Ring Quilt Hand Pieced Hand circa 1900. Invented by Friedrich Egermann. Verzelini, Jacob We Antique Nailsea English do not have any in stock at present. Often has enamelled Antique Nailsea English mark FH to base. A semi opaque glass graduated Antique Nailsea English from pink to yellow. The name Bimini is taken from a popular poem By Heinrich dated 1852 which describes Bimini as a fictitious island which contained the fountain of youth. Technique used by Tiffany and Loetz. Other exponents of the Antique Nailsea English Pate de Verre technique are Albert Louis Dammouse and Francois-Emile Decorchemont. French glass artist, Antique Nailsea English theorist and leader of the Ecole de Nancy and developed many new glass techniques including marqueterie sue verre and clair de lune. Cased glass is Antique Nailsea English composed of two or more layers of coloured glass. Jewell Glass please view our stock on the Stevens & Williams Vases page. Items are patterned with feathered designs, flecks and stripes. French Art Nouveau glass artists worked for Emile Galle in Nancy and for Val St Lambert. Produced by Thomas Webb Antique Nailsea English & Sons from 1886. Masonic Glass to purchase examples and pages Mat su No Ke Glass to purchase examples Stevens & Williams – Vases An exceptionally rare pair of vases in stock A type of Antique Nailsea English decorative glass made by Stevens & Williams which features hand-applied three-dimensional trim, often in the form of fruit or flowering vines. During World War I his factory was destroyed, reopened in 1920 and shut its doors forever in 1937. Lobmeyr also retailed good quality glass from other factories and marked the underside with their own cipher for J & L Lobmeyer. The Great Exhibition originally held at Hyde Park in 1851 and then moved to Sydenham, South London. Back to N Nailsea Glass to purchase examples please go to Antique English glassware originally from Nailsea near Bristol but now also used as a generic term. One of the most famous people to have worked for the manufactory of Stevens & Williams in early 20th Century was Frederick Carder, Antique Nailsea English who left them to found the Steuben Glass Works. Back to Z Zach, Franz Paul to purchase examples please visit and Steins Zwischengoldglas (German, “gold between glass) A type of decoration, Antique Nailsea English produced in Bohemia and Austria in the 18th century, in which a design in gold or silver leaf is incorporated between two vessels that fit together precisely. Clutha meaning cloudy, the glass is of cloudy yellow, green or amber colouration with streaks of darker hue. Chatelaine to purchase these delightful scent bottles visit our Scent Bottles page A hook or keeper hung from the belt for requisites and useful implements, i. Drinking Antique Nailsea English glasses were especially manufactured for this type of wine. Italian Glass to view items from our stock go to Antique Nailsea English our Venetian Glass page Includes Murano, Venini, Toso & Company, Salviati to name just a few Back to J Jewel Caskets boxes can be found on the page and the page. Noted for cameo glass. Commemorative Wares please visit the Stevens & Williams – Antique Nailsea English Other shapes page Cranberry Glass to view our current stock of and Transparent red-pink coloured glass made in a variety of forms. The biggest factories associated with the term Art Glass are Thomas Webb, Stevens and Williams, Tiffany, Gall and Daum. All are clearly marked with a facsimile signature mark and S W divided by a fleur des lys mark. In 1880 he became the art director of Stevens and Williams and worked closely with Frederick Carder. Pate de verre Pate de cristal to purchase examples please go to Powdered glass mixed into a thick paste with a volatile adhesive medium and applied to the interior of a mould in layers until the desired depth of glass is achieved. Back to F Fairy Light to view our current stock of Small individual light formed from a glass shade and stand holding a small candle. The inner layer may be blown into outer layers while the glass is still hot or a piece in one Antique Nailsea English colour is dipped into the molten glass of another colour whilst in the furnace. Aventurine Glass find items for sale on the page Glittering glass made by the Antique Nailsea English inclusion of gold, copper, iron or brass flakes, often mixed with coloured glass to produce patterns or swirls. By the Edwardian period social etiquette had changed and it was considered incorrect to have toothpicks on the table and they were dropped from the pattern books. Boam Engraver of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons Son Antique Nailsea English descendant of August Bohm. Varnish Glass to purchase examples please visit for more information Mercury Glass and Varnish Glass Mirrored glass of many colours including, gold, turquoise, green and silver made by Varnish & Company. Stevens & Williams for items in Antique Nailsea English stock are listed on FIVE pages. Established 1860 Antique Nailsea English by Antonio Salviati. Back to B Baccarat Glass Antique Nailsea English to view our current stock of and French glasshouse in Baccarat, Meurthe-et-Moselle, established in 1764 under the direction of Toussaint. Overlay Glass to purchase examples please go to Where one layer of glass is overlaid on another and cut back to the original colour. Antique Art Deco Engagement Ring Particularly noted for designs of exotic birds such as hummingbirds, most designs probably after ornithological plates published by John Gould in ‘The Family of Hummingbirds’ published in 5 volumes between 1849 and 1861. To purchase examples please go to Back to P Antique Louis Xvi Paperweights (none in stack at present) Rare Continental paperweights including St Louis and Bohemian examples Palme, Franz Joseph We have an exceptional example displayed (Sold) on the page. Tiffany Louis Comfort 1848-1933 Please visit our page Developed Favrile glass in 1893. Biscuit Boxes Jars find items on Thomas Webb and Sons A decorative Victorian tableware of rounded Antique Nailsea English barrel-shape mounted with a silver plate rim, cover and handle. Eye Bath one example for sale on our page. J & L Lobmeyr an Austrian glasshouse based in Vienna produced Antique Nailsea English fine cut and engraved glass until the end of the 19th Century. It is believed that many of the designs for Burmese fairy lamps were by Jules Barbe. Designed a range of glasswares Most famous for producing ceramic designs for Wedgwood. Filigree to view items from our stock of filigree Decorative glass formed from twisted white or coloured canes of glass within a clear glass ground, also called latticino or reticelli. Venini, Paolo (1895-1959) to purchase examples please visit Italian glass artist and manufacturer, led the Venetian glassmaking revival during the 1920 s. Some of the designs Antique Nailsea English are not consistent with the placement and arrangements of the designs, the cutters were allowed to cover small flaws or bubbles in the glass with element of the design. Also called tankards – Antique Nailsea English a covered mug. Alexandrit Glass Find items for sale on the page Produced by Moser, glass of an even purple to lilac hue which changes colour depending on the light source. Usually marked with (Registered design number ) Rd 55693. The term Opaline was first used by the Baccarat factory, though the glass body itself was Antique Nailsea English made in the 17th Century in Murano. Kny, Frederick Englebert – (active 1865-1920’s) for further info The History of Thomas Webb & Sons Engraver of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons Antique Nailsea English Kny, W Son of F E Kny. Double overlay this technique is displayed in our stock of This is where two layers are overlaid and cut back. Back to G Gall Emile (1846-1904) has Antique Nailsea English one item by Gall. Whilst at Stevens & Williams, Carder worked with Peter Faberge of Russia. Cloisonn is a technique where small strands of base metal (copper) or silver are fused into designs to separate areas of enamel colour. Flashed Glass a glass piece of one colour is, while still very hot, dipped into molten glass of another colour to form a very thin outer layer. Satin Glass to purchase examples please go to Glass which has been given a frosted, satin finish by the use of hydrofluoric acid or acid fumes Scent Bottles Perfume Bottles Flasks to purchase examples please visit all these pages: Stevens & Williams – Other shapes Flask for containing perfume or scent. Loetz Lotz to view our stock of Loetz & Tiffany Glass A Bohemian glass making firm founded in 1836 in Klostermuhle and purchased in 1840 by Johann Loetz. Fouquet, Georges one item for sale on the page Fratelli Toso Venetian Glass Italian makers of Fine glass, particularly known for making Millefiori Glass. Wine Glass Wine Glasses see Drinking Glasses Stevens & Williams – Hock Glasses Woodall, Thomas (1849-1926) and George (1850-1925) Engravers of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons Back to X Back to Y Ysart Salvador (1878-1955)- None in Antique Nailsea English stock Spanish master glassmaker working for John Moncrieff Ltd c. Minerbi – Count Lionel to purchase examples from this famous service Diplomat, Whitefriars made a superb service of glass for Count Minerbi in 1906. Pressed Glass – We do not sell Pressed Glass Back to Q Queens Burmese Glass (see definition) Quezal Art Glass & Decorating Company to be found on page (None in Stock) Famous for producing iridescent wares in imitation of Tiffany. Opaline Glass to purchase examples please go to and pages. Favrile Glass See Tiffany, Antique Nailsea English Louis Comfort.

See glass and glass entries for items in stock. Opaline was made in a vast Antique Nailsea English range of colours including, blue, yellow, pink, red, white (milk), ruby, and green. Gorge de Pigeon ( sometimes called Hortensia Glass) for stock A very rare pink coloured antique French Opaline glass, Antique Nailsea English produced c. In the 20th Century they produced fine Art Nouveau style glass and later functionalist glass Antique Nailsea English up to and including the Art Deco period. Under the directorship of M R von Spaun the factory made fine iridescent glass rivalling L C Tiffany. Greyhound racing, decorated glass Antique Primitive Pine Dry can be found at Antique Nailsea English Back to H Harrach go to to purchase items. Northwood, John (1837-1902) to buy Northwood glass go to Stevens & Antique Nailsea English Williams -Vases Thought to have rediscovered the ancient technique of cameo glass. Byzantine Antique Nailsea English Style see our page for further information. Scottish Glass to purchase examples please visit Silveria Glass to purchase examples please visit Stevens & Williams -Vases Three items in stock – Very Rare Silveria was produced by Stevens & Williams circa 1900.

Carder commenced his career at Stevens & Williams in 1881. Made the Monart range. This thin outer layer could then be Antique Nailsea English engraved or cut through to the base colour. See Overlay. Back to Vaseline Glass to purchase examples please visit and pages. Art Deco Glass page has a variety of Art Deco items for sale. N V Y A Absinthe Glass to view our current stock of Opaline Glass Alexandrite Glass to view our current stock of Thomas Webb and Sons Patented 1902, by Thomas Webb & Sons, multi coloured transparent glass with graduated colouring from citron yellow to rose through to blue, The variations are produced by the glass being heated to different temperatures in different parts of the item. A clear casing of glass is applied to a coloured or graduated colour body to trap air bubbles when blown into a mould these bubbles appear Antique Nailsea English in lines of ridges. For more information on Stevens & Williams Caskets Tea Caddies can be purchased from the and pages. Used for decorative glasswares including fairy lamps. Original pieces are almost impossible to obtain due to the fragility of the wares. Popular in Victorian times and finding popularity again today with collectors. By the at the turn of the 19th Antique Nailsea English Century he was leading in glass design. He is also believed to have designed patterns for use on Queens Burmese wares.

Jewelled Glass (Not to be confused with the above) one example on This refers to a 19th 20th Century technique of Antique Nailsea English adding small blobs of coloured glass to items such as vases and drinking glasses to simulate precious stones. Bohm, Antique Nailsea English August Engraver of glass worked for Thomas Webb and Sons Burmese Glass (Queen s Burmese) buy Burmese Glass on our page. 1888 L Le Verre Antique Nailsea English Fran ais to purchase items go to European Producers Lithyalin Glass Please us for further details of items in stock. Cut Glass Glass decorated with cuts that form facets to reflect and refract light. The most prestigious are mounted in gold. The paste is then fired only enough to stabilise the form. He is notable Antique Nailsea English for the re-introduction of coloured glass to the product line. Straw Opal to purchase examples please visit Stuart Crystal English Glass Manufactory to purchase items Manufacturers of the rare Medallion Cameo Glass. See Alexandrit. In acid etching a piece is covered with an acid-resistant protective layer and then scratched with a design which is then exposed to hydrofluoric acid or acid fumes, thus leaving a design when the protective layer is removed. The glass is decorated by the background being acid etched to leave a raised surface which is the exact shape of the enamelled pattern.

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