Antique Nouveau Era Nude Female Figure Old Italian Art Sculpture Vintage C1900

The total length antique nouveau era with the chain is 5 inches. Condition is very good with very minor surface wear. The drop section antique nouveau era measures just under 3 1 8ths inches by 3 4 of an inch. Each section measures just over 1 antique nouveau era 3 4 inches by 1 3 8ths inches. Back Marks Item # Antique Nouveau French Poudrier Compact Locket 2539 RESERVED Victorian “MMB” Large Sterling Heart Locket This lovely Victorian heart locket has been beautifully engraved with the letters “MMB”. The locket has both metal and glass inserts.

The heart locket measures 1 1 2 inches by 1 1 4 inches and is marked sterling. The locket is in good working order and condition is very good. Back Open Order # 1897 Price $350 Victorian Large Sterling Heart Locket This fun Victorian sterling heart locket features the initials JMK on the front and is plain on the back. This is a very large brooch featuring a lovely Art Nouveau maiden antique nouveau era with poppies in her hair. The plique section measures 1 7 8ths inches by 2 inches. Locate the leading antique furniture stores and grab the best deals! The back has several areas of light wear. The back has several pinpoint areas of wear. The metal is gold filled or a base metal with a very heavy gold wash. Measures 2 1 4 inches by 1 7 8ths inches and is marked sterling and has it’s original “C” clasp. There are several very small areas of wear on the side and back Antique Sterling Silver Gilt Grape Scissors of the bracelet. Condition antique nouveau era is good. Order # 742 SOLD Kerr Art Nouveau Sterling Lady Brooch Large classic Kerr Nouveau lady brooch in sterling silver measuring 2 1 4 inches by 2 inches. Back Order Ornate Antique Gorham Sterling Silver Chased Low # 1264 SOLD Victorian Etruscan Revival 14k Earrings These stunning Victorian earrings are done Antique Hand Painted Window Shades in the Etruscan Revival style that was very popular during the 1860-70’s. We are listing the leading shopping destinations of South Africa offering beautiful antique pieces including home decoration, beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, dining chairs, sofas, recliners, and more. The locket has one of the glass and metal inserts. Back Order # 940 Price $195 Blackinton Camel Sterling Cufflinks These fun Victorian era cufflinks feature a came’s head with an elaborate halter with tassels. Order # 517 Price $425 Ivory Mermaid Sterling Pendant This unique one of a kind pendant is made from a sterling Art Nouveau implement. Ample free parking is available right outside our door. Good size, measuring just under 2 3 4 inches by 5 8ths of an inch and is marked sterling. The brooch is marked 800 antique nouveau era and has it’s original fittings. The brooch measures 1 1 8ths inches in diameter and has it’s original antique nouveau era “C” clasp and watch hook attachment. The dragon measures 3 1 4 inches by 1 1 8th inches and is just under 3 4 of an inch wide. However, due to the value the owner has attached to the item, the value goes high, sometimes unbelievably high. There are great antique furniture found all over Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg and major cities of antique nouveau era South Africa. The engraving antique nouveau era was most like made to celebrate a wedding. This brooch was done in antique nouveau era the Shiebler style and measures a large 3 1 8ths inches by 2 1 8ths inches.

The brooch could stand a good cleaning, I leave that decision antique nouveau era to the new owner. The turquoise has the normal wear along the veins and this is original to the piece and is not damage. Copyright 2018 – Ottawa Antique Market Welcome to The Ottawa Antique Market The Largest Antique Market in Eastern Ontario The Ottawa Antique Market offers you the best and broadest selection of antiques in Ottawa, Canada. The locket has antique nouveau era both metal inserts but the glass pieces have cracked. Order # 444 Price $450 Unger Water Lily Lady Sterling Brooch This lovely Art Nouveau brooch features a lovely maiden and a water lily. Back Order # 873 Price $725 Jugendstil Enamel Sterling Silver Brooch This antique nouveau era striking Arts and Crafts period brooch is done in the Jugendstil style with lovely shaded blue enamel (dark blue to aqua). Original “C” clasp and pendant fitting. There are worn marks on the back that are illegible. Back Order # 761 Price $300 Victorian Seed Pearl Diamond Flower and Crescent Moon 10k Brooch Pendant This lovely brooch pendant features a Antique Dress Victorian French crescent moon and flower set with seed pearls. Kerr and is one antique nouveau era that is not often seen. Condition is very good with no damage or repair. One stone has been replaced and one is missing antique nouveau era on the side. The brooch as it’s original “C” clasp and is marked G. Good size, with antique nouveau era the festoon section measuring 5 inches by 3 1 4 inches with the chain measuring just under 18 inches. King Edward VII is on several of the coins. Has original pendant attachment antique nouveau era and original “C” clasp. The earrings have a lot of movement and swing as the center drop allows movement from the bow and the basket. A similar piece (a heart locket) is listed below, item # 1032. Order # 147 Price $125 Chinese Dragon Buckle Clasp Interesting silver buckle cloak clasp with repousse pierced type work. Order # 1065 Price $275 Edwardian Marcasite and Paste Flower Basket Silver Earrings Lovely delicate period marcasite flower Antique 1930s French Art basket earrings accented with black glass pastes that drop from a fanciful bow. Overall condition antique nouveau era of the pendant is very good. The chain measures just over 16 inches and features a period clasp that antique nouveau era is marked “1902” and “PAT 2591”. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp antique nouveau era and is marked sterling and the maker’s marks for the Charles Thomae and Son. The bracelet is marked 10k the letter “F” and antique nouveau era an undecipherable hallmark. The pendant measures a large Antique 14k Gold 4 inches by 1 1 8ths inches. Guaranteed to be an original Austro-Hungarian piece and is a gold wash over silver. The back of the locket has some wear, antique nouveau era most likely from teething marks from a child. Order # 280 Price $125 Edwardian Paste and Pearl Vermeil Brooch Pendant Nice brooch pendant combination featuring green and clear pastes in closed backed settings accentuated with 4 pearls. Back Order # 861 SOLD Antique Riker Owl 14k Brooch Watch Pin This wonderful antique brooch watch pin features an owl in flight with outstretched wings with garnet eyes. The vinaigrette still has a light scent of the perfume that was last used. The natural turquoise cabochons have the normal cracks an fissures that are associated with this type of stone. Back Order # 1216 Price $95 Victorian Star Punch Silver Bracelet This fun Victorian bracelet is 10×14 Red Blue Persian done in the style of the antique nouveau era lovely period chains and features a punched star design with a cannonball edge. The earrings 20 Antique Chinese Red Lacquerware are most likely German antique nouveau era in origin. Order # 172 Price $95 Victorian Butterfly Clasp Buckle Beautiful large Art Nouveau period clasp buckle in a silver metal. Marks Order # 2186 SOLD Unger Rose Sterling Buckle Set This fun rose buckle antique nouveau era set was made by the well know firm, Unger Brothers. Order # 541 Price $150 Jugendstil 835 Amethyst Pendant Classic Murrle Bennett style pendant is accented with an amethyst. The pin cushion antique nouveau era is marked Kerr (hatchet mark), sterling and #2630. Order # 1452 Price $95 Celluloid antique nouveau era Fly Stick Pin Fun, three dimensional fly stick pin made of celluloid. One the top female figure there are two antique nouveau era very small dark lines at the base of her neck that look to be original to the piece and are not cracks. The chain measures 7 inches by just over 1 2 inch and is marked sterling and a maker’s mark that is worn and hard to read. The pin section measures 1 3 8 inches (including the arrow). Order # 121 Price $150 Antique Scarab Large Sterling Brooch This striking brooch features a scarab in fine detail. You can tell how roughly an item Antique 1798 1809 has been handled by the scratches, cracks, breakages and general wear that it has. Measures just under 1 2 inch by 3 8ths of an inch and the pin measures 2 3 8ths inches. The locket measures just under 1 1 4 inches in diameter and the bail adds and extra 3 4 of an inch. Order # 429 Price $195 Victorian Etruscan Amethyst Pearl 14k Hat and Hair Pin Set Now this is something you almost never see, a hat and hair pin set in their original leatherette wallet. The inside has a golf wash. Great ideas for retro decorating.

The bail looks to antique nouveau era be a later replacement. The brooch measures 2 Antique Origin Russian Oil 1 4 inches by 2 1 Antique C1930 Ultra Rare Nurre 2 inches and is marked sterling, 925 fine and UB antique nouveau era for Unger Brothers. The brooch measures 1 1 4 inches by 1 inches and is marked 14k with an unidentifiable makers mark and has it’s original safety clasp. The brooch is unmarked but is guaranteed to be antique nouveau era sterling silver. Cufflinks are in very good condition with no dents or dings with good patina. Brooch is small but the detail is incredible (and hard to photograph). The stick pin is guaranteed to be 14k and is unmarked (there is a worn area that looks to be where the mark was on the stem). The stones are all present and are uniformly aged and the faux pearl is in excellent condition. The brooch measures 1 1 8ths inches in diameter and is marked sterling, depose, and Meyle and Mayer. Measures 1 3 8th inches by 15 16ths of an inch. The chain measures just antique nouveau era over 24 inches. The brooch is a silver colored metal (most likely German silver) and is marked Fishnel and Nessler. Back Order # 1664 Price $295 Art Nouveau Shepard Enameled Daffodil Sterling Brooch This wonderful and seldom seen Art Nouveau brooch features a lovely enameled daffodil in bloom. The inside has a floral punch, two metal antique nouveau era inserts, one glass insert and what look to 34 Antique Simon & Halbig 1079 be the original photos. The locket measures 1 1 2 inches in diameter and is marked sterling. Visit the shops and discover the diverse and amazing occidental and oriental antique furniture today. The overall condition is very good and antique nouveau era the elaborate frame is in excellent condition. The screw cap on antique nouveau era the perfume is in good working order. Back Order # 1591 SOLD Art Nouveau Enameled Yellow Poppy Sterling Brooch This gorgeous and very hard to find enameled brooch features a lovely yellow poppy. Most likely this hung 18 Antique Chinese Porcelain Kwan Yin Guan from a chatelaine. Back Item Antique Wool Rare Fine Persian # 2535 Price $175 NEW LISTING Antique Krementz Enameled Dragon Opal Diamond 14k Brooch Watch Pin This wonderful antique brooch watch pin was made by the well know Newark firm, Krementz & Co. However, to locate the best that there antique nouveau era is in the market, you will need to hop and shop around. The large center stone is surrounded by a frame that has blue enamel accents topped by a bow. Measures 3 1 8 inches by antique nouveau era 1 7 8 inches. The translucent enamel is in excellent condition. The are antique nouveau era a couple of light areas of wear on the screw top and one on the back of the perfume. The brooch also functions as a watch pin and could easily be converted into a pendant by your jeweler like the piece below (item # 1129). This brooch is a good compliment to the bracelet and ring in the above listing. At one time it had a gold wash, but most has worn off as it appears more silver now. The cufflinks measure 3 4 of an inch by just over 1 2 inch by 9 16ths of an inch. Order # 510 Price $425 Murrle Bennett Enameled Arts and Crafts Festoon 950 1880 1890 Antique Tree Of antique nouveau era Silver Necklace Classic Arts and Crafts period festoon enameled in shades of turquoise and green. ), J B, antique nouveau era P F H (? Overall condition Antique English Carved Oak is good for this wonderful period locket. The purse measures 4 inches (top of the frame) by 5 1 2 inches (excluding the chain) with the original antique nouveau era chain measuring 12 inches. Order # 277 Price $65 Art Nouveau Double Flower Sterling Brooch Nice Unger style nouveau brooch set with two lily type flowers.

The inside does not have it’s metal inserts but will still easily function as a locket. The brooch Oriental Rug Antique Caucasian measures 2 inches by 1 5 8 inches. The heart locket measures 1 3 4 inches by 1 1 2 inches. The bracelet measures 6 3 4 antique nouveau era of an inch by 1 inch (at the widest). The “C” clasp antique nouveau era is original and the brooch is curved so that it could be worn on a belt or on the neckline. Antique Pink Art Glass Lusters With Clear The total length of the necklace is 16 inches. Back Order # 1450 Price $75 Victorian Japanese Style Lantern Sterling Brooch This most unusual Victorian brooch features three Japanese lanterns accented with birds, cherry blossoms and a wasp. Condition 16 Antique Old China Bronze is very good with no damage or repairs. The brooch is unmarked (guaranteed to be at least 10k) and measures 1 7 8ths inches by 5 8ths of an antique nouveau era inch and has it’s original “C” clasp. Order # 177 Price $65 Kerr Fish Sterling Buckle Set The buckle measures 4 5 8 inches long and 1 1 8 inches Antique Hp Rose Floral Charger wide. There antique nouveau era has been a small repair to the enamel. The back has a couple of very small areas of wear.

Faces of cherubs show only the slightest of wear. Back Open Order # 2002 Price $1300 Antique Limoges Enamel Rose Diamond Gold Brooch This lovely jewel of a brooch Antique 19th Century Louis Xv Style features a Limoges enamel portrait of a young woman with an enameled cap is accented with a rose cut diamond. Back of bottom woman has the initials “E” antique nouveau era and “C”. Red antique nouveau era pastes and flowers accent the large topaz (stone has not been checked) and the bail. The back of the pendant section has the numbers “167” scratched on the back. The locket measures 2 1 4 inches (with the bail) by 1 5 8ths inches. There are several very small areas of wear (pinpoint size) antique nouveau era on the rim and one of the turquoise has a very small chip and is slightly darker than the rest of the stones. The brooch measures just over 2 inches by 1 5 8ths inches and has it’s original fittings. Robbins Company) and sterling top. The inside is marked sterling and the locket has one metal and plastic insert. Measures 2 1 8ths inches (including bail) by 1 inch and is marked 800 and the letters T and M or H or possibly F (very hard to make out). Order # 425 Antique Art Nouveau 5 Diamonds Price $195 Art Nouveau Enameled Daisies Sterling Brooch Striking buckle shaped brooch accented with Antique 14k Yellow Gold And Ruby With beautiful enameled daisies. Order # 404 Price $275 Kerr Art Nouveau Lady Sterling Brooch This classic Kerr brooch features an Art Nouveau lady with her flowing hair. Order antique nouveau era # 52 Price $595 Art Deco Shell Cameo Brooch Striking large shell cameo featuring a Deco style carving. Order #1748 Price $125 Antique Marius Hammer Carnelian Orchid 830 Silver Brooch This lovely antique brooch was made by by the well know Norwegian artist, Marius Hammer. The locket is in very good condition and retains the original patina. This piece antique nouveau era is guaranteed to be at least 10k gold. Metal antique nouveau era is brass. Back Order # 1451 Price $95 Fishnel and Nessler Bulldog Silver Brooch This fun Victorian era brooch features two bulldogs (or pugs) with garnet paste eyes. All stones are present and in good condition. Filigree part on handle antique nouveau era in excellent condition. The chain measures 16 inches for a total length of antique nouveau era 17 inches.

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