Antique Original Gouache Illustration By Cross 1867 1936 Victorian Woman

Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. THE GRAPHIC PARLIAMENTARY MAP. Ortelius, A. Dutch Marine Artist – acting in the last quarter of the 19th Century Show me larger color illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the German four-masted Bark “NAL” 1906 – the vessel under full sail on the open sea – signed and dated 1910 – Oil on canvas, 60 by 100 cm (23 5 8 by 39 1 2 inch) – unframed – good condition (ready to hang on the Beautiful Oil Acrylic On Canvas Painting wall), professionally cleaned and restored (slight inpaint, slight loss of color) – Private Collection, Europe Note: The “Nal” was built in 1892 by Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Die Bark war dort von antique original gouache 1884 bis 1900 im Einsatz. GEOLOGICAL MAP OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF DOVER. Mohrmann, John Henry (American, 1857-1916) Show me a larger color illustration Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Important Marine Painting – Shipping on the Bosphorus 1869 by Franz H nten, a British Man-of-War (second rate with up antique original gouache to 90 cannons) in the foreground on its way to Constantinopel with Turkish fishing craft beyond off the coastline of Scutari – signed and dated – Oil on canvas – 58 x 87 cm (23 x 34 in. In Barrow, UK. The Rare Antique National Cash Cressington is one of these large vessels and it can be supposed that it was used for the Wool Trade from Australia to Great Britain. 100 antique original gouache ENGLAND & WALES:554. 250From Bowen & Kitchin The Large English Atlas.

This was not a racing yacht but a 1930s Antique Art Deco 14k Solid large pleasure and cruising yacht of an American Millionaire. In Marseilles. From the Latin text edition of the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum by Abraham Ortelius ca. Institut Weimar. For more information about this bust see also the book by Paul Atterbury “The Parian Phenomenon” published by Richard Dennis in 1989. Portrait of the Italian Brigantine “Francesco Bertolli” off Napels around 1900, signed Gouache painting (under glass) 42 x 63 cm in original, good condition (traces of age only), we are currently researching the history of this ship portrait – Private Collection, Hamburg, Germany Note: signed by Italian marine artist and ship portrait painter L. 1700 21819 37 x 47 cm. Ship Portrait of the Scotish antique original gouache Barque Fifeshire sailing to Australia, ca. Full contemporary hand antique original gouache colour, incl. The Nelson bust appears not often on the market, obviously a limited number was produced only. Nam Cheong antique original gouache or Workshop (Chinese, fl. 1885) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations – Photo antique original gouache Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. Engraved by J.

Postage) if not satisfactory for whatever reason. Pieter van der antique original gouache Aa, Leiden 1714 25058 23 x 29 cm. We are currently offering it only for Germany and antique original gouache selected European destinations. CARICATURE MAP Antique William B Meyers Miniature Dollhouse OF SCOTLAND. In German: Originales Schiffsportrait bzw. Brewer for The Graphic 1888 24764 68 x 111 cm. 1763 27022 69 x 52 cm. This painting was until recently preserved in a Collection in antique original gouache Massachusetts, USA – it was offer fresh to the market – Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. Large watercolour caricature map of Scotland, drawn by a competent hand after (but much larger than) the earlier printed map by Robert Dighton ( Geography Bewitched! This is a rare work by him of special interest, because of the topographical background and the named vessel Mary. Coloured in blue pink and red as originally issued. The electoral battlefield at a glance: Candidates and constituencies. Previously folded. Antique map of Cumbria with two figurative cartouches, compass roses, sailing ships and 8 coats of arms supported by cherubs. Mercator, G. ” at first mast – relined, cleaned, retouch, paint is thin in places, antique original gouache generally in good condition considering the age, new 24 Carat gilt frame – Private Collection New York City, USA Note: The ship is shown off Cuvhaven with the lighthouse, other shipping in the background. Sydney, NSW” – cleaned and in good condition – antique original gouache Private Collection, Memphis, USA Note: One painting also with monogram “B” for Borstel. ENGLISH CHANNEL:560. 15 antique original gouache = US-$ 1.

CUMBRIA & WESTMORIA. The “Nal” was mainly used for long distance transports, eg. 975van den Broecke 16. 45 x 60 cm, very good condition, original carved gilt antique original gouache frame- the possession of a European Collection Note: 31 Handwerck Halbig 109 Antique This image shows only a detail of the picture. Painted on verso of a sheet of old wallpaper in vivid gouache antique original gouache colours and laid down on board. Ship Portrait of the two-masted French Steamer “Cheribon” 1887, the vessel on his way antique original gouache from Marseilles to New York with auxiliary sails set, Oil on canvas 56 x 92 cm, signed, inscribed “New York” and dated unlined and generally very good condition, original frame The Note: The Screwsteamer “Cheribon” was built 1882 in Dumbarton, Scotland by W. 1700 21810 43 x 54 cm. Map of Ireland with small inset plan of the lakes of Killarney. Thomas Willis (American, 1850-1925) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. Southeast England, the Channel and parts of the French and Belgian coast.

In the 19th Century it was common for academy trained artists to visit Italy for studies. Hellgren 1883 – the sailing ship is shown at fair weather and under full sail off Holyhead and the South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey heading for Brazil, with other sailing vessels in the distance – Oil on canvas, old relining – 50 by 75 cm (20 by 30 in), with frame 62 x 89 cm (24 1 2 x 35 in) – signed l. Coloured in green, light orange and orange as antique original gouache originally issued. For more information about Thomas Purvis please refer also to our publication “Ship Portrait Artists”. There is a name on the bow of antique original Antique American Stained Glass gouache the vessel (in kyrillic letters). 12 inch (30 cm) cm high – signed impressed with the mark of Copeland and antique original gouache “Crystal Palace Art Union, Sculp. 200 HEREFORD:571. Rarely we find such exciting light effects in his antique original gouache works like shown on this pciture. ) – cleaned and antique original gouache in good condition, period gilt frame – Private Collection, Norway Note: A fine and clear painting from the Golden Age of Scandinavian Marine Art. TUNBRIDGE WELLS:615. This is a Premium Artwork in good condition and ready to hang of cause. 1880s – the large three-masted sailing ship at high sea and with reduced sails – Oil on canvas, 65 by 89 cm (25 1 2 by 35 inch), with frame 78 x 102 cm (27 1 2 by 39 inch) – inscribed on the bow with ship s name – relined, usual China Trade crackle, small sign of age and expert restoration in the sky, overall good condition – Private Collection, Tokyo, Japan Note: This China Trade painting can be attributed to Lai Fong, who worked as a China Trade artist in Calcutta. Title slightly cropped, otherwise very good condition. Gro es Schiffsportrait der deutschen Bark “Windsbraut” auf der Nordsee, 1897 180 Ct Total Round Diamonds By The – das Schiff wird unter voller Besegelung in Schr glage und mit Kapit n und Mannschaft an Bord gezeigt – l auf Malkarton, 54 x 99 cm, mit Rahmen 75 x 120 cm – signiert und datiert: “Garb R mer, Anvers 1897” antique original gouache – aufh ngfertig, gereinigt und restauriert, der Antique Hb Quimper France Faience Fish Platter alte Mahagoni-Rahmen wurde f r eine bessere Stabilit 10×10 Hand Knotted Square Rug 10 t neu verleimt, geringe Besto ungen am Rahmen – Private Collection Den Haag, Astonishing Pattern S Antique The Netherlands Bemerkung: Die Bark “Windsbraut” aus Elsfleth wurde 1877 in Sunderland gebaut und der Kapit n H. Brewer for The Graphic 1885 26404 31 x 100 cm. Published by Pieter Overdyed Semi Antique Turkish Schenk and Gerard Valk from the plate by Joannes Antique Victorian Old Cut Diamond Marquise Janssonius ca. BRITISH ISLES:535A. Huge Brass Harbor Master or “Counting House” Telescope on tripod, ca. 00 antique original gouache = EUR 1. Frame – Private Collection, England (UK) antique original gouache Note: T. 1837-65) Show me larger color illustrations antique original gouache Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the French Topsail Schooner “Augustine (of) Caen, Capne. Lai Fong, Calcutta (fl. 1870 to 1880 – shown on a calm, quiete summer morning – Oil on canvas, 31 by 53 cm (12 by 21 inch), with frame 41 x 64 cm (16 by 25 inch) – signed lower right “Roberti” – cleaned and good condition – in a period frame – Private Collection V xj , Sweden Note: This painting has been in a private Fine Art Collection in Connecticut, USA previously. Frederic de Wit ca. 650 CARICATURE WATERCOLOUR antique original gouache MAP OF SCOTLAND:542. Full original colour, cartouches antique original gouache and coats of arms uncoloured. Two East India Man at choppy seas with the eye of a Hurricane beyond, ca. Johann antique original gouache Zielesch” 1833, the German vessel shown in two positions off Kronborg Castle, Watercolor, 45 x 60 cm, signed, inscribed and dated by Jakob Petersen Collection in Northern Germany Note: A typical composition by Jakob Petersen with a technically very well done portrait of the vessel shown off Kronborg Castle. Romantic antique original gouache handling of the sky and detailled and fine execution of the brigg. ) (1788-1855) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the German Steamer Anton von Kiel – Capt. Privately published by the estate agents after a antique original gouache survey by W. Map of the British Isles with tables of explanations, scale of miles and oval title cartouche. Painted with all details antique Antique 19th Century original gouache of the vessel. 1860-1870 Show me some larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of a Danish full-rigged Ship in the Pearl River, ca. Cartouches Antique 1850 Indian Head Gorham Sterling and shields. 100Edwin Edwards (1823-1879), British painter and engraver. Uncoloured lithograph, mounted on cloth. William Howard Yorke (British, 1847-1921) Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the Antique Islamic Or Kashmiri FineArtEmporium Copeland Parian Porcelain Bust of Princess Alexandra, England 1863 showing Her Royal Highness, the later Queen Alexandra – made of Parian Porcelain (finely executed) on a wooden socket – ca. MANICA, GALLIS LA MANCHE, ET BELGIS HET CANAAL, PARS OCEANI INTER ANGLIAM ET GALLIAM. He was the first explorer in history staying during winter in this area near the South Pole. Cartouche and coats antique original gouache of arms uncoloured, the map in full original colour. 1895 antique original gouache – the vessel is approaching to the viewer under nearly full speed, a coastline and an American Pilot boat in the background – Oil on canvas (sea, sky and background) with ship worked out in silk and velvet (embroidery) on the original stretcher, under glass, dimensions 33 x 55 cm (13 by 21 1 2 in), with frame 46 x 69 cm (18 by 27 in) – signed, with monogram “T. In German: Kapit nsbild der Brigantine “Francesco Bertolli”, signiertes Gouache Gem lde Antique Vintage Engagement Luca Papaluca (Italian fl 1890-1932) Show me Pair Of Russian Antique Glass a larger color illustration Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Yacht Regatta on the North Sea Vintage Antique Style or Atlantic, ca. ) – very good condition (slight antique original gouache spots and dirt in the sky, slight retouching to a few parts in the sky) – Private Collection Note: Michele Funno was a quite busy early ship portrait artist in Naples who portrayed for example many of the fruit schooners who visited this port. Lamartiniere, Alexandre (French, 1783-1867) Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium. A PARLIAMENTARY MAP OF THE UNITED KINGDOM Antique Chippendale Style Slant Front Mahogany Desk AND IRELAND. 1770 20108 49 x 57 cm. Etching on paper, no title, place, or date, by Edwin Edwards ca. 1900 – Vesuvius and other shipping in the distance, Gouache on paper, ca. Coltman, antique original gouache N. A NEW IMPROVED MAP OF HARTFORDSHIRE FROM THE BEST SURVEYS. 1720 21844 48 antique original gouache x 57 cm.

Brewer for The Graphic 1885 21541 antique original gouache 56 x 78 cm. Photo Copyright is with the Fine Art Emporium. The Graphic 1880 21588 72 x 51 cm. It was the Captains and Admirals of the Navy who mainly used them in their Salon to serve Portwine for guests or at the “Captain antique original gouache s Table” in general. It was previously framed and preserved under glass. ) black passepartout with gilted 9 Antique Bronze Gold Gild lines and bird s eye maple frame (dimensions with the frame: 67 x 88 cm – 26 3 8 x 36 5 8 in. 1950 27383 44 x 34 cm. Copeland Parian Porcelain Bust of Admiral Horatio Nelson, antique original gouache England ca. Large watercolour caricature map of England and Wales, drawn by a competent hand after (but much larger than) the earlier printed map by Robert Dighton ( Geography Bewitched! Bacon & Co Ltd. 1890 28205 60 x 66 cm, folding into pictorial red covers showing horses and cart and cyclists, 19. Within the same title all maps are listed chronologically. 1700 21815 antique original gouache 37 x 49 cm. Drawn antique original gouache by H. NEW MAP OF THE COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX; DIVIDED INTO HUNDREDS, CONTAINING THE DISTRICT DIVISIONS AND OTHER LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS EFFECTED BY THE REFORM BILL. Dickson antique original gouache & Co. Most of his paintings were executed between 1890 and the Great War (1914). 1868 – the barque is shown at sea near an Island and with a junk and paddle steamer in the far distance – Oil on canvas on original China Trade stretcher, 46 by 60 cm (18 by 23 5 8 inch), with frame 56 x 69 cm (22 by 27 inch) – inscribed on the bow with the ship s name – light usual China Trade crackle (in the sea and hull), cleaned, only few areas with inpaint, good condition – Private Collection, Indianapolis, USA Note: Nam Cheong worked in Whampoa, Hong Kong Antique Original 19th Century English Stbernard and rarely signed his works. Figurative cartouche and antique original gouache two compass roses.

This is a extraordinary detailled excuted work. It measured 109. Holm, who was besides of Lorenz and Heinrich Petersen, Jaburg Oltmann and the Fedelers the leading ship portrait artist in Germany. Photo Copyright is antique original gouache with us. Folding map of England and Wales, showing the coach roads, dissected into 20 segments and laid down on linen. LES COSTES DU BOULENOIS ET LE PAS DE CALAIS. Papaluca (active in Italy from 1890 antique original gouache to 1932). 1890 antique original gouache 21511 34. Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium Summer View of a valley Antique German Dark Brown Black Forest Carved and town near Trient, Northern Italy, early 19th Century – with cattle and three men in the foreground – Watercolour on paper, 45 x 68 cm (17 1 2 by 27 inch), with frame 52 x 74 cm (20 1 2 by 29 inch) – signed lower right, additionally inscribed on previous mounting in German language “Gegend bei Trient” – good condition, light signs of age – framed – Private Collection Note: Paintings by Johann Kniep appears only rarely on the market and fetch high prices. Edgar, Charlestown Studios, NSW – cleaned and in good condition – Private Collection, Memphis, Tennesse, U. Two cartouches and heraldic shield. China Trade Artist, painted around 1885 Click or on the image to see larger illustrations Photo Copyright is with antique original gouache the FineArtEmporium Ship Portrait of the Brigantine Arvid – Kaptn. August Fischer (European, antique original gouache 1854-1921) Show me larger color illustrations Photo Copyright is with the FineArtEmporium. Anyway this is antique original gouache a rare motif since the harbour of Civitavechia was not often depicted in this period. Published by Hubert Jaillot from the plate by Nicolas Sanson 1693 21793 antique original gouache 78 x 58 cm. COMITATUS antique original gouache NOTTINGHAMIENSIS SIVE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. M ller was in command until 1912 antique original gouache when it was finally sold to Grimstad. 350 POLITICAL MAP:595. Die ausf hrliche Geschichte Antique Folk Art Sunflower Copper Weather zu diesem Segelschiff und weitere Abbildungen finden Sie auf unserer Beschreibungsseite. Paintings by Tindall can be found in numerous Maritime Museums around the world, most notable in the Alands Maritime Museum in Mariehamn, which has no less than 14 paintings by him. Mounted and framed. 100 antique original gouache THAMES ESTUARY – ESSEX:613. James Duncan ca. Map of England and Wales with coat of arms supported by sea maidens and dolphins. The paintings shown on this page are sold and are NOT for sale. 5 x 110 cm.

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