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To fire a hand cannon requires direct manual external ignition through a touch hole without. While visiting Monseratt in Spain I found a similar capital still intact (picture above). Locking mechanism works as well as the day it was made. Landshut from Warwick Castle attributed to Wolfgang Grosschedel. Very heavy and well made, in some ways superior to the Germans. 440) Flemish Officers Zischagge Circa 1600-40. Please inquire Antique Saint Knight for complete details. Museum Antique Saint Knight quality, probably French. Multi use weapons such as this Antique Nailsea English during the Renaissance were commissioned only by the very wealthy. 87) Museum Quality German Boar Sword circa 1580. Running Wolf Of Passau on Antique Saint Knight the blade, makers mark, and a host of talismatic and religious symbols throughout the blade and hilt. 5 in tall and Fabulous Ernst Heubach Antique Large 9. With a slight modification at the connecting arm so they can be installed on a contemporary door. Original wooden grip, 2 grove fullerd blade. It is said that owning a jousting suit with garnitures was the equivalent in today’s dollars of owning a 747 jet. Engraved with ‘Justicia’ and ‘Fortitudo’ (justice and strength) and laterally floral inserts between fine tendrils. The hook is for Click image for more details. 88) PROSETIONAL BYZANTINE BRONZE CROSSES 8TH-10TH CENTURY. 225) Exceptional Silver and Gilt Italian Antique Saint Knight Goblet Circa 1620! Hand Forged Work Antique Saint Knight Of A Renaissance Master Metal Smith.

567) SWISS THREE QUARTER INFANTRY SUIT OF ARMOR CIRCA 1570-1600 FROM SIGMARINGEN CASTLE GERMANY: The Antique Saint Knight suit is 100% original! Be the second permanent owner in 415 years. Exceptional condition.

Very Antique Saint Knight good original condition with very little conservation. A near identical one sold at Sotheby’s New York April 3, 1981 lot # 83. In very good condition, from a German collection. Conserved to museum standards. Beautiful proportions: height 15cm, diameter neck 24cm, diameter base 14. 506) Antique Original Oil Painting Mariano A NAVAL ANTI- BOARDING GUN CIRCA 1700-50: Bore diameter 25MM, one trunnion replaced from working life use,but very well done. There are only so many and most have been found already. This one is all metal which is quite rare. You are buying with 100% confidence We are receiving many items on a weekly basis. 286) MASTER COLLECTION OF 150 OLD 17th-18th CENTURY KEYS: Many sizes and dimensions. 531) LARGE 14TH CENTURY GERMAN JUG: Traces of original green glazing still intact. Original key. Probably Nuremberg. From one of the finest armory castles in Europe. A very rare Antique Saint Knight item that has survived over 300 plus years in exceptional condition. With a large pierced plate, the upper portion formed as a symmetrical arrangement of scrolling leaves, the lower portion forming a crescentic head on one side and a down-curved rear spike on the other, punched and engraved with scrolling linear patterns and tapering threaded socket, on Antique Saint Knight a later wooden haft fitted with 4 long engraved steel straps. Not only is the size great measures 7. This very fine example is a bastard saber making it the rare of the rare. 687) HIGHLY DECORATED ITALIAN CUP HILT RAPIER CIRCA 1650: Museum condition. If you have ever wanted an actual item from a Knights Templar here it is. Dimensions: Height 5 1 4 in. They can be difficult to date with exact accuracy since they were used from the 15th to the 19th century with little change. Mary a beautiful attitude similar to Antique Saint Knight the Virgin of Dole Cathedral in France. Great piece of metalware from a German collection. Incorporating 4 shooting locking bolts retained by a pair of pierced engraved plates. This exceptional example is stunning and impressive Antique Saint Knight in every detail. The Antique Saint Knight catalog reads under the heading “Venice 17th Century”; “Two Naval Boarding Swords”. 499) Rare Large Museum Quality German Bronze Tripod Shallow Bowl Circa 1500-50:Probably cast of bell-metal, molded with wide rim, the exterior with horizontal bands, paired loops on either side from which handles hang, raised on three leonine legs which issue from Lion’s masks, the center of the underside with projecting stud. 514 Antique Saint Knight Poplar St. Original find pictures below. Length 69 inches, later haft. Museum quality piece. You will probably never have the opportunity to own such a rare piece at a very reasonable price. See listing which is near identical except smaller, lighter and without the trick locking mechanism. Made of gilt and copper, the sides and the arched cover chased and pierced with acanthus leaves, applied at the top with a hinged handle, the inside lined in red fabric. With trick to open overhead 650) Knightly dagger Circa 1400: Very rare knightly dagger Antique Saint Knight with complete rombic shaped blade, S-shaped cross guard of bronze and flower-like faceted pommel also made of bronze. The original owner must have been a very wealthy or important person. Total length 94 inches with a 30 3 4 head. The lock is very heavy and large with functioning original key, triangle shape. Comprising close helmet formed of a broad Antique Stained Glass rounded one-piece skull with bellows visor and bevor attached by a pair of low-domed common pivots the visor prominently stepped beneath its centrally-divided vision-slit pierced in three rows with ten horizontal ventilation-slots and 108) Very Nice Black & White German Half Suit Circa 1580. This very large example at 16. An ideal piece for the collector of this period who Antique Saint Knight thinks he has everything he wants already in his collection. Iron caltrops were used as early as 331 BC by Darius III against Alexander the Great at the Battle of Gaugamela in Persia. USA, OK, , pocket watches and wrist watches USA, OR, , Sisters, new and antique clocks USA, OR, , Lake Oswego, used and antique clocks, pocket watches and wrist watches USA, OR, , Eugene, clocks Antique Saint Knight from as early as the 18th Century to the artful and practical timepieces of today USA, OR, , Medford, clocks, pocket watches, and wrist watches USA, PA, , Scranton, high-end watches USA, PA, , Carlisle, antique tall clocks USA, PA, , Philadelphia, preowned watches USA, PA, , New Holland, specializing in grandfather clock sales and repair USA, PA, , West Chester, antique clocks USA, PA, , Kutztown, used Rolex USA, PA, , Philadelphia, specializing in American regulator, French mystery and long duration Vienna regulator clocks. The Swiss saber was popular in the mid 1941 Schwinn Cadillac to late 1500s in Switzerland. The center piece of any collection. 318) A CARVED STONE COUNTERWEIGHT WITH THE WORD AND COAT OF ARMS OF PRADES FRANCE CIRCA 1500. In the event of a perceived copyright infringement Kevin Osborne can be contacted by emailing him at kosborne nawcc. Dimensions pestle: length 30cm, Antique Saint Knight heads 5. 489) EUROPEAN 12th CENTURY PINGSDORF JAR WITH ORIGINAL COVER:Pingsdorf Ware is a high fired earthenware that was produced between the late 9th and 13th century in different pottery centers on the Eastern margin of the promontory beam of the Rhineland as well as the Lower Rhine region. 60) Hanover Maximilian Helmet Circa 1520: Property Formerly in the Hanoverian Royal Collections. Large elegant and makes a statement. If you have ever walked the old city in Barcelona you have seen a few of these still on the wall. Sigmaringen Castle started secretly 507) A GERMAN KLAUSEN PAVISE CIRCA 1450: Hidden for over 500 years the majority of the pavises from this group were discovered in the small town of Klausen, in the South Tyrol. Diameter of the stone 8 x 9 inches, chain 37 inches. Very scarce. Original Antique Saint Knight polychrome decoration. Large Antique Saint Knight measures 4. 679) MASSIVE & AMAZING GOTHIC KEY 12 INCHES Antique Saint Knight CIRA 1400s -1500s: Probably German or Austrian. As you would expect a few working life repairs which give it character and history. It survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the5th century AD and continued to exist for an additional thousand years until it fell Antique Saint Knight to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of European history This sword is a piece of European military history. Cheek protectors possibly a working life replacement. 761) MASSIVE DECORATED CIRCA 1650 NUREMBERG ARMADA CHEST: The biggest I have ever had. 2016 National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Inc(A 501c3 non-profit corporation). Click image for more details 712) RARE Antique Saint Knight 17TH-18th CENTURY AUSTRIAN TORTURE WHIP: This is not a war flail. It was probably originally covered with a velvet like cloth. Click image for more details 341) 17th CENTURY HEAVY IRON DUNGEON SHACKLES HANDCUFFS: Antique Saint Knight Found under the floor board of a castle in Germany. However, close analysis with good lighting reveals traces of very fine lined etching on the brim and comb. 655) FINE GERMAN DECORATED INSCRIBED RAPIER SWORD CIRCA 1600: Beautiful swept hilt rapier with the inscription MARIA on the fuller. If you want only the best this mace needs to be part of your collection Priced to sell immediately. The inscription is in Latin, however very difficult to decipher. Finest and strongest construction I have ever seen on a burgonet. Also Antique Saint Knight American clocks. If you are looking for a 100% homogeneous Maximilian helmet with an impeccable provenance ( I was the second owner in almost 500 years) this is it. The rectangular wriggle-work lid centered by a lock, with a pierced & engraved lock plate to the interior. Good reproductions 695) Antique Saint Knight MASSIVE LION GERMAN WEATHER VAIN CIRCA LATE 1700S: Great conversation piece. This sword is not in museum condition and be thankful because it would cost over $20K. Beautiful Antique Saint Knight deep black patina. 100% homogeneous with black Antique Saint Knight paint refreshed. (DMCA Registration Number 1010287). Italy, circa 1600. The armor made for jousting was the absolute best, no expense spared. Click image for more details. They do not come any better. 285) MASTER 075 Ct Pendant COLLECTION OF 177 OLD 17th-18th CENTURY KEYS: many sizes and dimensions. This Antique Saint Knight is NOT a ground find. George and of the town of Winterthur. Has Antique Saint Knight good age. The pictures tell the Antique Saint Knight whole story. Main plate is almost 15 inches. 536) MASSIVE BULLET PROOF GERMAN BURGONET CIRCA1580 FROM Antique Saint Knight SIMARENGIN CASTLE: Exceptional condition. Made of walnut wood, covered top and bottom with finely engraved horn. Even though there are plenty of 572) BEAUTIFUL SMALL NUREMBERG ARMADA CHEST CIRCA 1650: Original untouched condition. It was found in Southern Germany. Made in two pieces vertical construction like the famous one in Palacio Real in Madrid by Negroli.

A near identical example recently sold at a European auction house for almost ten thousand dollars. A near identical example is at the Cleveland Museum Of Art Antique Saint Knight # 1916. It is archaeologically evident within various Medieval settlements of North Western Europe and thus represents an important chronological marker for the Antique Saint Knight Medieval archaeology. See Gessler 1928, taf. Looking mechanism works as well today as the day it was made. Cylindrical Antique Saint Knight socket.

Dimensions 37 x 18 x 17 inches.

482) VERY LARGE VIKING MACE HEAD CIRCA 9TH-11TH CENTURY:Very large and good original condition. Circa 1500, works as well as the Antique Saint Knight day it was made. In my Antique Saint Knight personal collection for almost 20 years. Museum Antique Saint Knight Control number. Condition exceptional with some ware and conservation’s as you might expect for an item 400 years old. Click image for more details Click image for Antique Saint Knight more details 744) PARTIZAN (AGUCCIA) WITH INITIALS AND COAT OF ARMS OF VITTORIO AMEDEO CIRCA 1600: Magnificent original etching. The back breach Antique Saint Knight wall is 2 inches from the touch point to the bottom. 521) FROM SIGMARGIN CASTLE 3MINT CONDITION BLACK & WHITE BREASTPLATE WITH FAULD CIRCA 1560-80: I Antique Saint Knight just bought3 very elegant Black and White breastplates with lame skirts fauld circa 1560-80. Truly an Antique Saint Knight amazing piece. Slight delamination as pictured which is normal. It was of course in France that such decoration was particularly popular. 242) Antique Saint Knight Exceptional Italian Rondel Dagger Bronze Sheath Circa post 1520; 28cm long, Superb Antique 12 Russian Porcelain Hand Painted 38mm in diameter. Used as an Antique Saint Knight ancient antipersonnel device weapon. With tapering blade, iron hilt of three trifurcated inner-guard, faceted bars, comprising straight quillons Antique Art Nouveau Artistic Nude swelling towards the tips, outer-guard formed of three rings , all rooted onto the arms of the hilt and the upper-most joined to the knuckle-guard by an additional bar, faceted cone-shaped pommel and the grip bound with plaited wire and leather. Large iron guard of typical form with long quillon and knuckle bow secured to a Lion Of St Mark pommel by wire. Priced To Sell Under $3,999. On the lower edge the iron was shaped into a narrow brim and turned for the attachment of a lining. A masterful work of art with detailed relief of cherubs and other rich symbols.

Swiss sabers are unique in that they have Antique Saint Knight a single-edged, slightly curved blade which in the mid 16th century were set in regular sword hilts, including the variety of designs found there, with re-curved quillions and or rings and knuckle guards. 366) MINT CONDITION BLACK & WHITE BREASTPLATE WITH FAULD CIRCA 1560: Very elegant Black and White breastplate with 3 lame skirt fauld circa 1560. Robust iron basket hilt decorated with small panels and decorative Antique Saint Knight elements that create an open hilt. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. The Corsica evolved from 757) RARE LARGE GERMAN FIGHTING 2 HAND FLAMBERGE SWORD CIRCA 1580-1600: Flambarge (German) Wavy (English) sword blades were designed to cut deeper. In original condition from a German collection.

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