Antique Silver Plate Tea Set Pot Creamer Bowl Victorian Bird Mask Face Flowers

THUMBNAIL GALLERY PREVIEW OF ANTIQUE SILVER AND OBJECTS OF VERTU: ARTICLES ABOUT: click on +1 if you like silvercollection. ASCAS is an association between collectors and lovers of antique silver plate antique silver. Fraget, Russia Poland DANISH SILVER ART# 26 Georg Jensen: a silversmith from Denmark WIN# 25 A Danish sterling silver bowl DUTCH SILVER WIN# 42 A Tobacco Box ENGLISH SILVER ART# 4 The Georgian silver wine funnel ART# 11 Nutmeg graters ART# 22 Spectacular Antique Chinese Low Table Cinnabar Circa A female silversmith: Hester Bateman 1708-1794 ART# 24 Little-Known Tableware Items:Argyles Un oggetto poco conosciuto: l’Argyle ART# 30 Eighteen Century silver tea tongs ART# 31 Ten steps to verify the authenticity of antique silverwares Dieci passi per verificare e registrare l’autenticita’ di un argento antico ART# 35 The ‘Victorian lozenge’- Dating ‘Registered model’ of the ‘UK Patent Office’ ART# 36 A canteen of silver ART# 38 Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs of the period 1770 to 1820 ART# 42 All these numbers. & Howson Hayne & Cater Hennell family Holland Aldwinckle & Slater Horton & Allday Hukin & Heath W. Williams & Co H. WIN# 55 Silver Kantharos from Pompeii AUSTRALIAN SILVER ART# 134 Marks on Australian Silver ART# 164 Silver Spoons and Australian Flora AUSTRIAN SILVER ART# 79 Historismus Silver-Gilt Dessert Set by Hermann Ratzersdorfer ART# 120 Collecting Austrian silver sugar tongs WIN# 14 Carl Adolf Kohl: silversmith and. Even though my main interest is for silver antique silver plate objects, in recent years I’ve begun to buy non-silver related items, including in my collection some pieces as cameo glass vases, “barbotine” dishes, portrait miniatures, Antique 14k Waltham shell cameo brooches, and others. Storr Tessiers antique silver plate Ltd F. Its objective is to promote friendship between its members and to spread knowledge of antique silver items, their hallmarks and antique silver plate their workmanship Korean Antique Folding techniques.

Woodward & Co THE DIRECTORY OF SCOTTISH PROVINCIAL SILVER ALPHABETICAL LIST OF MARKS THE DIRECTORY OF CAPE SILVERSMITHS THE DIRECTORY OF CHANNEL ISLANDS SILVERSMITHS A – 10 Antique Chinese Bronze F G – H I – P Q – Z unidentified makers THE DIRECTORY OF CANADA SILVERSMITHS THE DIRECTORY OF AUSTRALIAN SILVERSMITHS THE DIRECTORY OF BRITISH ELECTROPLATED AND SILVER PLATE MARKS (SILVERPLATE) ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF SILVERPLATE MARKS SILVERPLATE MANUFACTURERS: MARKS & HISTORY MAPPIN & WEBB DATE LETTERS THE WORLDWIDE DIRECTORY OF SILVERPLATE MANUFACTURERS: HISTORY & MARKS THE DIRECTORY OF CONTINENTAL EUROPEAN SILVER PLATE MAKERS THE DIRECTORY OF FRENCH SILVERSMITHS REPERTOIRE DES ORFEVRES FRANCAIS THE DIRECTORY OF 20th CENTURY ITALIAN SILVERSMITHS (SORTED BY PROVINCE) WORLDWIDE DIRECTORY OF STERLING SILVER MARKS SILVER MANUFACTURERS: MARKS, HISTORY AND INFORMATION wish to learn more about antique silver and its hallmarks? I was able to acquire some pieces of and much more of. It is for information purposes only and, although from sources that we believe to be reliable, we cannot guarantee its accuracy and reliability. It contains many interesting articles related to silver antique silver plate Antique Vintage Deco Diamond Engagement Platinum written by its members. ASCAS has 250 members throughout the world and every month publishes a monthly newsletter on antique silver plate its website. Collis & Co Courtauld Family Daniel & Arter S. Hacker & Herrmann, Austria: WIN# 82 Niello Silver from Vienna BELGIAN SILVER ART# 1 Poincon de Grace de 1750 (Belgian antique silver hallmarks) ART# 3 L’histoire d’une tasse de femme The history of a silver wedding cup ART# 5 Les couverts des Soeurs Noires de Pamele ART# 51 Philippe Wolfers’ Japonism in Belgium ART#55 Belgian Art Deco Silver ART# 65 Belgian silver of the Empire period BRAZILIAN SILVER ART# 146 Silver Manufacture in Brazil CANADIAN SILVER ART# 66 The Soo Line Historical Museum – Weyburn ART# 81 One and All (History of a spoon and a family) ART# 111 Celebration, News from the Canadian Metal Arts Scene CONTINENTAL SILVER WIN# 41 Two Vodka Servers from East Europe WIN# 53 Marks of European Silver Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Ancestor Portrait Plate: I. 1904 catalog antique silver plate NEWS# 41 Gorham Co. Silvercollection. Barnard & Sons Bateman Family M. IT page on antique silver plate top page looking for something specific? Murphy Pairpoint Brothers H. Cartoonist WIN# 59 1 Marks of European Silver Plate: IV.

Marks of European Silver Plate: V. WIN# 35 Two Elkington & Co. You may click on the item’s index to see photos antique silver plate and description of the objects. Pringle & Sons O. Sandrik, Slovakia WIN# 57 II. Silver was hallmarked with the antique silver plate “Fascio” mark. Bohrmann, Hartmann & Hepp, Germany antique silver plate WIN# 58 Marks of European Silver Plate: VI. Wilkinson antique silver plate & Co J. Grinsell & Sons Hamilton & Inches C. Donaldson & Co, Minneapolis, 1904 catalog NEWS# 38 19th c. Prime & antique silver plate Son R. Fraget & Norblin, Poland Russia WIN# 58 III. Savory & Sons Sibray, Hall & Co W & G Sissons Smily Family Spurrier P. Szandrik, Austro-Hungary Sandrik, Czechoslovakia WIN# 99 Marks of European Silver Plate: XII. Type antique silver plate your request and my engine research will find the page you are looking for inside this site STERLING SILVER OF USA AND CANADA AMERICAN STERLING SILVER MARKS SILVERPLATE AND ELECTROPLATED SILVER OF USA AND CANADA AMERICAN SILVERPLATE MARKS LITERAL MARKS FIGURAL MARKS AMERICAN SILVERSMITHS FLATWARE PATTERNS HALLMARKS OF BRITISH SILVER: ENGLAND – SCOTLAND – IRELAND – CHANNEL ISLANDS – COLONIES BRITISH TOWN MARKS AND DATE LETTERS BRITISH SILVERSMITHS – MAKER’S AND SPONSOR’S MARKS IDENTIFICATION – MARK’S IMAGE – QA QZ STERLING SILVER OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRELANDALPHABETICAL LISTING OF MAKER’S MARKS ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF SILVERSMITHS’ NAMES LISTING OF SILVERSMITHS’ NAMES 18th CENTURY 19th CENTURY 20th CENTURY PER TOWN THE DIRECTORY OF SCOTLAND (PROVINCIAL) – CHANNEL ISLANDS – CANADA – AUSTRALIA – CAPE COLONY BRITISH SILVER MAKERS: MARKS, HISTORY AND INFORMATION Asprey & Co Atkin Brothers Barker Brothers E. Maas & Co antique silver plate Mappin & Webb Martin Hall & Co R. ART# 47 Another way of documenting a silver collection ART# 48 Fauxberge Fakeberge ART# 101 Care and Conservation of Silver for Private Collections ART# 154 Argento o silver plate? Hacker & Herrmann, Austria: WIN# 61 V. Thomas & antique silver plate Co G. Blackburn Boardman,Glossop & antique silver plate Co M. This is a NON-COMMERCIAL site antique silver plate none of the objects are for sale, but comments and suggestions would always be welcome. Bradbury antique silver plate & Sons A. Sandrik, Slovakia WIN# 88 Marks of European Silver Plate: IX. Roddin & Co. DeLamerie Latham antique silver plate & Morton Levi & Salaman C. Rogers Company catalog NEWS# 31 A. Devlin Deykin & antique silver plate Sons J.

, Bridgeport , Conn, catalog NEWS# 35 The Meriden Britannia Co 1886 7 catalog NEWS# 36 E. Calderoni – Milan, catalog NEWS# 32 Fabbrica Argenteria Vicentina – Vicenza, catalog NEWS# 33 Community Silverplate adv NEWS# 34 The Gordon co. Fraget & Norblin, Poland Russia WIN# 101 Marks of European Silver Plate: XIII. I antique silver plate hope you’ll like them. Calderoni NEWS# 24 Encyclop die Diderot & D’Alambert NEWS# 25 Old Sheffield Plate Objects NEWS# 26 Catalog Maison Boin-Taburet NEWS# 27 Catalog Daniel Low & Co NEWS# 28 Catalog Cesare Marinai – Milan NEWS# 29 Catalog Daniel Low NEWS# 30 Simeon L. Mark’s lion WIN# 22 Forty years of Italian silver vases WIN# 24 An inkstand from the “Regno delle Due Sicilie” Un calamaio dal Regno delle Due Sicilie WIN# 31 Italian baby rattles of the 20th century WIN# 33 Noah’s Ark in silver Un’Arca di Noe’ d’argento WIN# 51 A Silver Chalice from Sicily WIN# 52 Salt Cellars from Genoa and Genoa Silver Hallmarks WIN# 61 Marks of European Silver Antique Plique A Jour 14k Dragonfly Plate: V. ART# 62 Ornamental shaping of silver Salt thrones from Russia ART# 68 Charka exhibition in Helsinki ART# 74 A giant enamel antique silver plate salt throne from Russia ART# 88 Russian Silver Assay Masters in the western provinces ART# 124 Russian Cigarette Lighters ART# 126 Russian matchbox holders ART# 179 Niello Drinking Horns of Kubachi WIN# 10 Milk creamer and sugar bowl from Russia WIN# 12 Two Continental silver salts Due saliere di argento europeo WIN# 43 The missing centre piece of a Russian double salt-cellar WIN# 45 Russian Fakes WIN# 57 Marks of European Silver Plate: II. Ancient Rome! Hutton & Sons G. & antique silver plate George H. On April 2004 I’ve founded ASCAS – Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver. Solid silver or silverplate? At the present I continue to look for silver and objects of vertu pieces, antique silver plate with preference for items of uncommon shape or use, and I’ve extended the field of my research to the internet. Leave your LIKE on and in google+1 – – – – – – – ASSOCIATION OF SMALL COLLECTORS OF ANTIQUE SILVER SITE MAP ART=Members’ Articles WIN=Members’ Window NEW=Monthly antique silver plate Newsletter AMERICAN SILVER ART#12 Gorham Corporation ART#23 Forging Modernities: California metals in context Conference ART#27 Japanese Influence in American Silver 1870-1890 ART#57 American Art Metal Jewelry Boxes 1900-1925 ART#76 Romance in metal (Valentine’s Day) ART#83 Margo Grant Walsh: Collecting by Design ART#84 The Language of Flowers ART#99 The Clearwater Collection of Colonial Silver ART#105 Gorham’s Fleurs des Siecles gift line designed by Jane Hutcheson ART#135 The Stieff Company – Historic overview ART#153 Antique Jewel Boxes as Souvenirs – American and German ART#160 A misterious Martel Tea set ART#177 19th Century American Brightcut Flatware WIN# 11 A Tiffany serving dish and cover WIN# 30 Georg Jensen? Norblin, Russia Poland RUSSIAN SILVER ART# 7 Hallmarks of Russian silversmiths ART# 17 La salle d’orfevrerie imperiale Russe au Musee de L’Armee de Bruxelles (partie 1) The Hall of Imperial Russian Silverware at the Musee de L’Armee de Bruxelles (part 1) ART# 20 La salle d’orfevrerie imperiale Russe au Musee de L’Armee de Bruxelles (partie 2) The Hall antique silver plate of Imperial Russian Silverware at the Musee de L’Armee de Bruxelles (part 2) ART# 32 Silver Salt throne from Tsarist Russia Saliere a trono dalla Russia Imperiale ART# 48 Fauxberge Fakeberge ART# 56 Histoire de faux Story of a forgery ART# 58 Soviet time silver salts – semi-antique to come? Krupp & Wellner, Italy WIN# 63 antique silver plate 1 VI. Engraving “Goldsamith” NEWS# 39 1889 Illustrated Catalog NEWS# 40 Watson & Newell Co. Then, I decided to devote my research (and my limited resources) to collecting Continental Silver, particularly of small dimension, attaining the result of contain costs and reduce spaces necessary to preserve my growing collection. Vander Wakely & Wheeler Walker & Hall D&J Wellby Ltd West & antique silver plate Son H.

If you are interested to AVAILABLE NOW A LOT OF RARE ISSUES OF SILVER-RAMA (1969 70) AND SILVER MAGAZINE (1971 73) mail to this page antique silver plate is maintained by Giorgio B. You may have an idea of prices looking at a antique silver plate Sotheby’s or Christie’s auction catalog, where thousands of dollars are requested for any antique silver object. 1576 WIN# 19 A antique silver plate Neresheimer & Co. Dufva, Sweden SWISS SILVER WIN# 2 Two silver pieces of Jean Redart A PAGE PER MONTH NEWS# 23 Catalog A. WIN# 37 Cherubs on Jewelry Boxes WIN# 74 Gorham & Co for Tiffany & Co WIN# 81 An Arrowhead Spoon WIN#100 Before antique silver plate and After on a Tiffany Sterling Plate WIN#106 Before and After on a Gorham Martel Vase ANCIENT ROME SILVER ART# 39 Buried treasures Tesori sepolti ART# 40 A silver cup from the ancient Rome: Skyphos Una coppa d’argento dall’antica Roma: Skyphos WIN# 30 Georg Jensen? Browett Chawner & Co A. Fraget & Norblin, Poland Russia WIN# 63 2 Russian Fakes- A differing opinion WIN# 68 Russian cigarette cases with tinder cord and match striker compartment WIN# 76 The Russian cigarette case – from Faberg to GULAG WIN# 79 Russian Napkin Rings SCOTTISH SILVER ART# 73 The Sgarabhaigh Silver Sixpence ART# 112 Scottish Legends & Silver Hallmarks WIN# 47 A Antique French Block Printed 1775 Montpellier Fabric Scottish Provincial Salt Spoon SPANISH SILVER ART# 19 Plateros y contrastes espanoles Hallmarks of Spanish silversmiths SWEDISH SILVER Attractive & Interesting Antique French Gothic ART# 94 The Violin Handle WIN# 59 2 A Swedish Bratina WIN# 84 1 Marks of European Silver Plate: VIII. Ramsden Reid & Sons Richards & Brown Roberts & Belk J. WMF W rttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Germany WIN# antique silver plate 94 Marks of European Silver Plate: X. Soon I discovered that collecting silver is an expensive business.

– antique silver plate Attleboro, Mass. Jamieson Lambert & Co P. A SMALL COLLECTION OF ANTIQUE SILVER AND OBJECTS OF VERTU an illustrated selection of antique silver and objects of antique silver plate vertu Continental, European, Italian, Russian, German, French, English, Austrian, Scottish, American, Dutch, Danish, Judaica, Georgian, Spanish and much more The home page of A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of vertu, a 1000 pages richly illustrated website offering all you need to know about antique silver, sterling silver, silverplate, sheffield plate, electroplate silver, silverware, flatware, tea services and tea complements, marks Antique Artistic Nude and hallmarks, articles, books, auction catalogs, famous silversmiths (Tiffany, Gorham, Jensen, Elkington, Mappin & Webb, WMF, Reed & Barton), history, oddities. It the modern glass section SITE MAP This page was useful? The information, photos and content provided on Silvercollection. , 1903 adv NEWS# Antique Treen Maple Wood Carved England Folk 42 Anchor Silver Plate co, 1905 adv NEWS# 43 Juergen & Andersen Company adv COLLECTING, EXAMINING AND CARING FOR antique silver plate SILVER ART# 31 Ten steps to verify the authenticity of antique silverwares Dieci passi per verificare e registrare l’autenticita’ di un argento antico ART# 42 All these numbers. After this first meeting with the “world of silver”, I began to frequent antique markets and shops and to buy books and silver , looking for silver items antique silver plate to add to the little collection I was trying to put together. There are only few SILVER AUCTION SOTHEBY’S AND CHRISTIE’S CATALOGS AND SOME OLD COPIES OF “SILVER MAGAZINE” AND “SILVER-RAMA” AVAILABLE FOR SALE as I’ve two copies on my private collection. So I understood it was made in Italy, around antique silver plate 1935 1940.

To collect “antique” silver is a antique silver plate “highly” expensive business. ART# 157 A Gorham sterling match safe restored using pulse arc welder ART# 157 To be a wise silver 7 Palace Chinese Old collector antique silver plate WIN# 44 Trust a dealer? In this site I illustrate some antique silver plate of my preferred pieces. Wellner, Germany WIN# 96 Marks of European Silver Plate: XI. Krupp & Wellner, Italy WIN# 70 The Mysterious mark on an Italian coffee pot JUDAICA SILVER ART# 49 A collection of Judaica silver ART# 63 Judaica silver – Jewish ritual silver POLISH SILVER ART# 89 19th century Sugar boxes in Poland ART# 165 Hollow Ware Marks of Warsaw Silver Plate Factories Operated in the Russian Empire WIN# 57 Marks of European Silver Plate: II. Clark antique silver Antique Arts& Crafts Bronze Marshall Fields Tall plate Manufacturing Co G. Stoppiniera antique silver plate o Mostardiera? – Venice – Italy copyright CONTACT ME: www. Dixon & Sons Dobson & Sons Eley family Emes family Fattorini & Sons Fox family Garrard & Co S. Go to a wide selection of books and old silver auction catalogs belonging to my private library click here A: – – – – – – – Antique Oil Painting By Artist Desiree Thomassin – – – – – – – – – B: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Antique Brass Ornate – – – – – butt marker C: Antique Oak Mirror Dresser Or Vanity – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – D: – – – – – – – – E: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – F: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – G: – – – H: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – I: – – – J: – – – – K: – – – – – L: – – – – – – M: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – N: – – – O: – – – – – P: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Q: R: – – – – S: – – – – – – – – – shooting field place finder – shotgun place finder Antique Photograph Bertel Thorvaldsen Four Seasons Autumn – silent butler – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – T: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – U: – V: Antique Chinese Hand Carved – – – W: – – – – – – – – – – antique silver plate – – – – – – – Y: – Z: ORIGIN OF MY COLLECTION My first purchase of silver was made in 1996, when at an antique fair I bought a briar-wood box with a silver cover. It None of my items are for sale, but most of them were bought through the Internet. Bohrmann, Hartmann & Hepp, Germany WIN# 59 1 IV. Unite & Sons C. WIN# 17 Vases and snuffer WIN# 40 A solid silver mustard pot – Paris 1834 1838 WIN# 48 # 48 A French Silver Mustard Pot GERMAN antique silver plate SILVER ART# 156 August Wellner & Sons, Silver Plating Foundry in Aue, Saxony WIN# 12 Two Continental silver salts Due saliere di argento europeo WIN# 58 Marks of European Silver Plate: III. Godbehere J. WMF HANAU SILVER ART# 13 The Antique antique silver plate silver industry of Hanau – part 1 ART# 15 – part 2 WIN# 3 A German beaker from. Marks antique silver plate of European Silver Plate: WMF W rttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Germany WIN# Antique Bronze Usa 77 VII. Hancock antique silver plate Harrison Br. Round & Son Sampson Mordan & Co A. , Chicago catalog antique silver plate NEWS# 37 Wm. Wellner, Holland WIN# 96 Marks antique silver plate of European Silver Plate: XIV. Its archive is now the wider antique Captivating Floral Design S Antique Birjand silver plate gathering of articles related to silver freely available on the web.

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