Antique Victorian 14k Gold Pocket Watch Chain Fob With Monkey Paw Hand 40 27g

Condition is very good for wonderful period brooch. Condition is very good with very minor surface wear. The pin section measures 1 7 8ths inches and is antique victorian 14k marked sterling. Eaton antique victorian 14k 1 Gal. Measures 2 1 antique victorian 14k 2 inches by 2 inches. Order # 586 Price $125 Art Nouveau Sterling Slide Mirror Beautiful Sterling slide mirror. The earrings are the same style but smaller. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp and antique victorian 14k is marked sterling. Back Marks Order # 1955 SOLD Beaux Arts Diamond Griffin antique victorian 14k Brooch This lovely brooch features a griffin set with two diamonds. Order # 386 Price $95 Arts and Crafts Sodalite Silver Brooch Nice large period piece featuring a large sodalite stone accented by flowers and leaves in very fine detail. I have seen many porcelain lady pieces and this has to be one of the loveliest I have seen. The reverse side has been beautifully engraved with the following: Mama Papa (on the large center coin), N L, Dme “L” (? The locket has both metal inserts. Measures 2 1 8ths inches (including bail) by 1 inch and is marked 800 and the letters T and M or H or possibly F (very hard to make out). Face on jester is in very good condition. The earrings feature two Etruscan beaded panels with a large beaded ball drop. White pastes accent both the heart and top part of the wings and a antique victorian 14k pearl drops off of the heart. Order # 312 Price $525 Arts and Crafts Frank Gardner Hale Enameled Silver Ring This striking Arts and Crafts ring is antique victorian 14k by the well known Boston jeweler and metal crafter Frank Gardner Hale. This type of brooch is antique victorian 14k frequently referred to erroneously to as an Essex crystal.

All of the stones antique victorian 14k are present and the condition is very good. The back is as detailed as the front antique victorian 14k and features several iris. The stick pin is in excellent condition and the lady part measures 5 8ths of an inch by 3 8ths antique victorian 14k of an inch and the pin measures just over 2 1 4 inches. Very minor surface wear and one minor spot that is in the enamel (but is not damage). The stones are uniformly aged and are more yellow in the photo than they are in person. They are most like Danish in origin and are marked PG BB 830S. The seed pearls are antique victorian 14k in good condition. Order # 371 Price $325 Arts and Crafts Sterling Demi-Parure This lovely and unusual Arts and Crafts demi-parure features hand hammered sterling with applied leaves accenting an onyx (or glass) center stone on both the brooch and matching bracelet. The outside of the locket features Victorian Etruscan type of work. Condition is very good with light wear antique victorian 14k to the silver plate. Measures 2 1 4 inches by 1 7 8ths inches and is marked sterling and has it’s original “C” clasp. The pieces are finely detailed for their size. Order # 481 Price $795 Austro-Hungarian Style Enameled Dragon Topaz Silver Pendant Interesting pendant made in the style of an Austro-Hungarian pendant but is most likely German in origin. Measures 1 inch by 5 8ths of an inch. Back antique victorian 14k of bottom woman has the initials “E” and “C”. The brooch has it’s original clasp and is marked with the Shiebler mark, sterling and 401. Condition is very good with no missing stones or damage. The mermaid has a couple of areas of wear on the back and the ivory has a small area of yellowing also on the back. Condition is very antique victorian 14k good for this wonderful antique locket. Measures 2 3 8ths inches by 5 8ths of an inch. The fob measures just under 1 14 inches and is marked Shiebler, sterling and #4 and pseudo antique victorian 14k Latin letters. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp and watch hook and is in excellent condition with no damage or repairs. The brooch measures 2 3 Antique Victorian Style Entry 4 inches by 1 3 4 inches and is marked sterling front. Gold wash is vibrant and in excellent condition. The locket measures a large 1 3 4 inches in diameter, not including the loop and bail. The brooch has a slight area of wear on the left middle antique victorian 14k iris petal that is not noticeable when worn as it is along the edge. The brooch is unmarked has been tested and is sterling. The inside has both metal rims and plastic inserts. ), J B, P F H (? I have not had the stones checked, antique victorian 14k they could be amethyst pastes. Order # 245 SOLD Edwardian Freshwater Pearl Amethyst 14k Festoon Necklace This wonderful Edwardian festoon necklace features a daisy made from freshwater pearls (Mississippi River pearls) with an amethyst center with swags accented with amethysts and freshwater pearls. Order # 224 Price $95 Art Nouveau Sterling Sunflower Buckle Lovely period buckle measures 2 3 4 inches by 1 3 8 inches (both pieces together). The brooch measures 1 1 8ths inches by 15 16ths of an inch an is marked 14k. Though they are small, these earrings are sure to be noticed. Order # 131 Price $100 Victorian Acorn Sterling Buckle Brooch This fun Victorian brooch was made to look like a buckle and is accented with acorns and oak leaves. Shutters, antique victorian 14k Pr. The gold wash is in very good condition and there are no dents or repairs. The inside measurement of the bracelet Large 30s Vintage Field Of Diamonds Postage is 2 3 8ths inches by 1 15 16ts of an inch (oval) and antique victorian 14k is 3 8ths of an inch wide. Coral is in very good condition with a minor chip on the back of one of the flowers that is antique victorian 14k only visible from the back of Chopard 795649 0001 18K Happy the brooch. Back Order # 1591 SOLD Art Nouveau Enameled Yellow Poppy Sterling Brooch This gorgeous and very hard to find enameled brooch features a lovely yellow poppy. Order # 112 Price $400 Art Nouveau Enameled Yellow Iris Sterling Brooch This lovely Art Nouveau enameled brooch features a yellow iris and two buds. The antique victorian 14k locket is marked sterling, #38 and Kerr hatchet mark. 103Ct Hsi1ideal Round Real The colored base enamel antique victorian 14k is present. The pin works, but will need to be replaced (the pin stem), a very easy repair. The brooch was made antique victorian 14k by the well known Newark, New Jersey firm of Riker Bros. The locket is marked with the French boar’s head hallmark for 800 silver. The locket has one original glass and metal insert. Guaranteed to be antique victorian 14k 800 silver or better. This slide locket was made in two sizes. This odd combination is original to the piece and is not a repair. Necklace is all original with lovely fresh antique victorian 14k water pearls and is gold filled. The back is marked sterling, genuine cloisonne, and the Watson marks.

The brooch is very three dimensional and is made in the style of the nicer Unger and Kerr pieces. Gold wash over silver and is marked 830 (silver) and also has a maker’s mark antique victorian 14k which is unidentified at this time. Back Order antique victorian 14k # 1794 SOLD Kerr Butterfly Lady with Sunflowers Vermeil Brooch Interesting and unusual large brooch with the Kerr butterfly lady surrounded by sunflowers. Clasp is in good working order and the bracelet and stones are in excellent condition. Order # 497 Price $325 Austro-Hungarian antique victorian 14k Emerald Pearl and Enamel Necklace Exceptional Austro-Hungarian necklace in unusual emerald color with white enamel accents. The Genuine Crocodile Suitcase Excellent buckle set measures 3 3 4 inches by 1 1 2 inches and is marked Kerr, #338, and sterling. The locket could stand a good cleaning. Order # 1986 SOLD Edwardian Plique Heart Diamond 18k Brooch This wonderful period brooch is hard to date and is most likely an Edwardian piece with European origins. Buy 184Ct Tw E Vs2 Ex The brooch measures 1 inch antique victorian 14k by 15 16ths of an inch and is marked 14k. At some point the original swivel has been replaced with a sturdier period French 800 silver (marked with a boar’s head). Order # 559 SOLD Art antique victorian 14k Nouveau Enameled Sterling Brooch Lovely Art Nouveau brooch featuring yellow flowers. The back is marked 14k antique victorian 14k and the Krementz mark. Order # 924 Price $275 Victorian Hollow Floral Sterling Bangle This lovely bangle features lovely flowers and Victorian flourishes. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp and condition is very good. Would also look antique victorian 14k wonderful worn as a hair ornament. This brooch is featured in “Art Nouveau antique victorian 14k Jewelry” by Vivienne Becker on page 192 (plate 299). Firm famous for their antique victorian 14k enameled pieces. A good jeweler could probably work these out, antique victorian 14k I leave that to the new owner. The sycamore leaf section of the necklace measures just over 5 3 4 inches by 1 1 2 inches and the total length of the necklace is just under 17 1 2 inches. Daniel Low sold a full antique victorian 14k line of silver smalls featuring the Salem Witch. Measures 4 inches by 1 14 inches. Hanging from the brooch is a Homeric medallion done in the Shiebler style. This could easily mimic and pass for a real piece.

There are a couple of very small areas of slight discoloration that can only be seen with a loupe. Order # 1407 SOLD Arts and Crafts Chrysoprase Sterling Necklace The gorgeous Arts and Crafts necklace features a large oval plaque of chrysoprase surrounded by a lovely leaf bezel. The inside is marked Napier, sterling, and soldered mesh. The brooch measures just under 7 8ths of antique victorian 14k an inch in diameter and had it’s original “C” clasp. Gold wash is in excellent condition. The brooch measures 2 1 2 inches by 2 inches and has it’s antique victorian 14k original “C” clasp. The brooch measures 2 antique victorian 14k 1 4 inches by 2 1 2 inches and is marked sterling, 925 fine and UB for Unger Brothers. The locket measures 2 1 4 inches (including the ring at the top and not the bail) by 1 5 8ths inches and is 3 8ths of an inch thick. The hat pin measures at total length of 4 7 8ths inches and the top measures 1 2 inch by 3 8ths of an inch. The antique victorian 14k back is elaborately engraved with letters that look to be MM. The brooch has a fold down loop and can be worn as a pendant. Large size, measuring 3 inches by 1 1 4 inches. ), Dme antique victorian 14k “B” (? The brooch measures 2 inches by 1 5 8 inches. An example of a similar brooch with dogs is shown below. I have not removed the photo of the young woman to see if there is an inscription. This buckle is very much in the style of Kerr. The brooch measures 1 1 8ths inches in diameter and is marked sterling, depose, and Meyle and Mayer. The brooch is marked sterling antique victorian 14k and 935 and is European in origin (German or French). Back Box Order # 1520 Price $495 Victorian Daffodil Silver Brooch Lovely Victorian brooch accented with two daffodils and an elaborate circular border. There is slight wear to the enamel on the lady, antique victorian 14k but this is only really noticeable with a loop. Order # 905 SOLD Antique Tiger Garnet Gold Filled Locket This wonderful antique locket features a tiger in very high relief. The inside has both inserts and is marked sterling. The buckle C1920s Antique Fine set measures 2 3 4 inches by 1 1 4 inches. Order # 281 Price $450 Arts and Crafts Amethyst antique victorian 14k 14k Brooch This lovely Arts and Crafts brooch features gold leaves surrounding a faceted amethyst. Back Harvest Scene Lovely Original Antique Oil Order # 2203 Price $1200 Art Nouveau antique victorian 14k Krementz Enameled Iris Diamond 14k Brooch This wonderful figural Art Nouveau brooch features an enameled iris with a diamond center in bloom along side an iris bud. Has original watch pin attachment but the original clasp has been replaced with a safety catch. There is a very small ding on the front and another medium size ding on the back. Measures 13 5 8 inches end to end. Would make a striking brooch in its own right or easily could have chains attached and be used again as a chatelaine brooch. The “C” clasp has been replaced with antique victorian 14k a safety clasp. Item # 2420 Price $295 NEW LISTING Antique Love’s Dream Sterling Locket This lovely antique locket features the very know design, “Love’s Dream” (Cupid kissing Psyche).

Back Order # 1664 Price $295 Art Nouveau Shepard Enameled Daffodil Sterling Brooch antique victorian 14k This wonderful and seldom seen Art Nouveau brooch features a lovely enameled daffodil in bloom. The back has been engraved with the initials L C. There is light wear on the back. Very large, three dimensional sturdy brooch. The top of Rare Signed Antique Civil War Era Decorated the cufflinks measure 7 16ths of an inch in diameter and both are marked sterling and an undecipherable maker’s mark.

The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp and is marked sterling and the maker’s marks for the Charles Thomae and Son. The brooch has several undecipherable hallmarks on the original “C” clasp. Back Order # 1216 Price $95 Victorian Star Punch Silver Bracelet This fun Victorian bracelet is done in the style of the lovely period chains and features a punched star design with a cannonball edge. Coupland signed “Mount Isabel” outside of Banff, Canadian Rockies, oil on board, 16″x20″w; Rene Leverd signed, “Paris Streetscape”, oil on panel, 6″x8″; Inuit Stonecut Prints (2) signed Henri Napartuk; Donald Smith signed, “Memories of Howe Sound” British Columbia; Yvonne McKague Houser “Evening, Nipigon River” 30″x40″ Sampson Matthews Print; W. The brooch has it’s original “C” clasp but does show to have an old repair to the clasp that looks to have been done in period. The brooch measures 2 1 2 inches by 7 8ths of an inch and has it’s original “C” clasp. The locket has both metal inserts but the glass pieces have cracked. Back Pendant Order # 2005 Price $1000 Art Nouveau Shell Cameo Rose Gold Brooch WOW again. The collar buttons measure 7 antique victorian 14k 8ths of an inch by 3 4 of an inch and are marked sterling and Park Brothers. The buckle is marked Kerr, sterling and the antique victorian 14k number 377.

The brooch is silver plate and has has it’s original “C” clasp. Condition is very good for this striking period locket. The brooch has light surface wear. The lorgnette measures 4 3 4 inches by 1 1 4 inches and is marked sterling. The ring is not marked for metal content and is guaranteed to be sterling. Back Order # 2165 SOLD Shiebler Crescent Moon Bat Medallions Sterling Brooch This fun Victorian brooch features a crescent moon accented with a bat with two Homeric medallions hanging from the crescent moon. Chain measures 17 inches. D Kerr, Back Order # 743 Price $425 Kerr Art Nouveau Lady Sterling Brooch This lovely large Art Nouveau brooch antique victorian 14k features a lady surrounded by mistletoe and 106Ct E Si2 Exc Princess Natural berries. Several of the rectangular links are marked with the letter “E” in what looks to be a box.

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