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In fact, our almost evangelical enthusiasm for pre-war Longines watches is so high that serious consideration was given to the idea of commissioning a separate website devoted entirely to offering vintage Longines watches for sale that would run as a free standing sub-division of our Original Antique Cast Bronze Trolley Street main business. An incredible 92% of the respondents replied that in this situation, they would own a Longines. Thank you and we will stay in touch. The actual values of the two cars will vary as they become older, but the Ferrari will always keep its relative position as more sought after and more valuable than the Ford Fiesta. Phone: Email: Romanov antiques pre 1910s Russia Ltd. The company has a remarkable history going back to 1846 when it was founded in the Swiss town of St. This level of detailing took a lot of effort antiques pre 1910s and inevitably raised production costs significantly. For reasons that are impossible to fathom, classic Longines items remain the most obvious genuine bargains to be found antiques pre 1910s in the vintage watch world.

However, we usually manage to maintain a stock of a dozen or so of antiques pre 1910s these classic models in investment standard condition. Whereas the jewels present in the movements of almost all Rolex and Omega watches are simply press fitted into holes machined into the plates, those on classic Longines mechanisms are typically held in threaded brass sleeves, correctly known as chatons, that wind down into the plates.

The jewelry of the period dived deep into abstraction, creating an unparalleled avant-garde beauty that pervaded in the 20th century. Price 1375 GB Pounds Longines gold ladies cushion boxed 1937 With a movement of the highest quality, this very attractive pre-war Longines is one of the most appealing vintage ladies’ watches for sale on this site. It also took the Exquisite 1902 1907 Antique Tiffany & Co fluid shapes of Art Nouveau and applied them to create the elegant, minimalist beauty of Edwardian jewelry. In common with almost all the other major brands, Longines first antiques pre 1910s added gentleman’s wristwatches to its range during World War I when officers serving in the trenches embraced the concept of an easily accessible timepiece carried on the wrist rather than one buried on the person under layers of uniform. To return to our comparison with classic motorcars, vintage Longines models, which once held Ferrari status, oddly now command prices that we’d associate with lesser luxury marques like Jaguar or Mercedes. They have risen steadily in worth over the last twenty years, but for no explainable reason have still retained their undervalued position in relation to the other major brands. Price 1675 GB Pounds Longines 18k gold Borgel case moisture proof 1926 In an exotic 18 karat case and with a movement that has been finished to a standard far in excess of the norm, this is one of the most exceptional vintage Longines watches that we have owned in some years.

The attention to detail present in pre-war vintage Longines antiques pre 1910s watches is quite extraordinary. Art Nouveau Jewelry1890s early antiques pre 1910s 1900s The Art Nouveau period embraced the free-flowing, natural line.

As a long established specialist vintage watch dealer, we make most of our annual profit by selling immaculate pre-war Rolex watches to collectors who are so fixated with the brand that they won’t consider anything else. In any genre of antiques, it antiques pre 1910s is usual for items to keep their respective levels of desirability at all points in their lives, or, to put it more graphically, a Ferrari car is far more desirable when new than a Ford Fiesta, and it will always be worth correspondingly more as the years pass and it makes the transition to becoming a classic collector’s vehicle. ” Item Reference: antiques pre 1910s 965201 Buyer from Australia “Thank you so much. O Box 14085 Chicago, IL 60614 USA GET UPDATES ON NEW ITEMS This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. Simplifying objects to their antiques pre 1910s basic, angular geometries, Art Deco jewelry pioneered the beauty of the unadulterated, modern look. And this situation isn’t a new one, but actually something that has been in existence since the concept of the vintage wristwatch as a antiques pre 1910s collectible emerged in the early 1980s. Manufactured by Longines, it was sold new by one of the most prestigious jewellers in London. Its quality is second to none, literally, and its rare case style one of the most attractive on this site. CONTACT INFORMATION Any item from this site may be viewed by appointment at our downtown Chicago antiques pre 1910s location on Monday Wednesday Friday between 11 am – 5 pm. Price 725 GB Pounds Longines Flagship steel bombee lugs 1957 A very rare and very attractive vintage Longines Flagship antiques pre 1910s from the first year of this iconic model range. Imier, making antiques pre 1910s it an older concern than either Omega or Rolex. At the moment, experienced early Longines collectors live in a sort of smug parallel universe, where the most astonishing levels of quality can be obtained for a few hundred, or, in the very best cases, just a few thousand pounds and we have a feeling that’s exactly how they want things to stay. I antiques pre 1910s received the shipment with no problem. One of the strangest things about this antiques pre 1910s odd state of affairs is that everybody who has been active in the vintage watch scene for any length of time is completely aware of this anomalous massive under-valuation. This integrity of production is becoming an increasingly hot topic among experienced vintage watch collectors and Longines has great credibility in this respect. If you buy a classic pre-war Longines wristwatch today, you’re acquiring a completely pure product from a definable single origin point, rather like a single malt Scotch whisky from a specific distillery. In immaculate condition, this piece remains original antiques pre 1910s and correct in every detail. The antiques pre 1910s Conquest and Flagship models appeared in 1951 and 1959 respectively and were strong competitors to Omega’s Seamaster and Constellation, and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Price 875 GB Pounds Longines steel pilot’s watch with Weems 1943 antiques pre 1910s In lovely condition, this is a very rare example of the Longines watches that were manufactured with the patented Weems system of second hand syncronisation. We see very few of this fascinating wartime model on antiques pre 1910s the market. Surprisingly given the historical significance of these watches, they are not prohibitively expensive and a good, totally authentic vintage Longines Mark VII can still be purchased for between 1000 and antiques pre 1910s 1200 GB pounds at the time of writing. But the truth of the matter is that antiques pre 1910s they could collect on a much lower budget if they widened their horizons and took an interest in early Longines material, without sacrificing one iota of quality.

For the moment, for the thinking man who wants the ultimate in sharp aesthetic design and technical refinement without paying the high premiums associated with antique Rolex items, Longines is the perfect choice and cannot be recommended more wholeheartedly. These are beautifully made and very evocative of their era antiques pre 1910s of production. Price 1275 GB Pounds Vintage Watch Brands Vintage Watch Brands Vintage Watch Decades Vintage Watch Decades Vintage Ladies Watches Vintage Watch Bracelets Swipwreek Straps Travel Clock Pocket Watches Sitemap Vintage watches for sale, reference articles and buying advice Home About Brand Overviews By Decade Reference Reference Contact Details Telephone from the UK: 07453 734666 or 07428 051005 Telephone from overseas: +44 7453 734666 or +44 7428 051005 Close Close CloseSearch Close Unique Antique andVintage Jewelry fromAncient Times to Art Deco View The Collection Authentic Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings View the Collection Since 1998, We Have Been Buying and Selling Russian Antiques and Faberge View The Collection INTRO EXAMPLES EASY TO USE BUY LICENSE “Necklace came in good order and it is magnificent, absolutely stunning. Some of the most exceptional vintage Longines watches were manufactured in the years immediately following the war, which were very much a golden age for the Swiss watch antiques pre 1910s industry in general. The company exported heavily to the USA, with models sold there being identifiable today by their American made cases typically in 10 or 14 karat gold. The best Longines pieces from this era ooze quality and are antiques pre 1910s a delight to examine closely with an eyeglass. ” Item Reference: 456129 Buyer from Texas “I am pleased antiques pre 1910s to be back to purchase another of your special items ” Item Reference: 632759 Buyer from the United Kingdom Victorian Jewelry1840s c. Artists interpreted it as the lines found in plants antiques pre 1910s and in women’s hair or curves. Of all the first generation officers’ watches from this era, those by Longines are some of the most exceptional in terms of quality, offering a grade of movement finishing that exceeds that found on similar pieces by the other major houses at the time. Whisper it very quietly to avoid upsetting those who have paid vast sums from pre-war Rolex models, but the reality is that, judged impartially on a side by side basis, Longines movements from the company’s golden age are actually better designed, more sophisticated and better finished than those by either of these two brands. It would be impressive even antiques pre 1910s to say that the movements in vintage Longines watches were equal in quality to those by Rolex and Omega. We offer both British and American antiques pre 1910s market vintage Longines watches for sale, with the former being a little rarer and regarded as slightly more desirable by collectors. Nobody, from long standing dealers to hardened collectors can explain why vintage watches by Longines sell for only a fraction of their equals by the other antiques pre 1910s major brands. Longines silver officer’s with hinged lugs and Benson dial antiques pre 1910s 1918 This is an extremely interesting piece that would make the perfect representative sample of a World War I wristwatch in any serious collection. Price 1275 GB Pounds Longines silver semi-hunter with Mappin & Webb dial 1925 In a beautiful World War I style, this lovely vintage Longines semi-hunter was ironically produced seven years after the conflict ended. This isn’t biased personal opinion, but simply a matter of fact observation based on twenty five years of handling movements by all the major brands on a daily basis in our business. Looking back at old Sotheby’s and Christie’s antiques pre 1910s auction catalogues from the mid-1980s, Autonics Bw40 12 the disparity between Rolex and Longines results wasn’t as extreme as it is today, but even then, the best 1920s and ’30s Longines watches lagged typically 40% behind their Rolex counterparts in value. No other top tier maker went antiques pre 1910s to the trouble of duplicating numbers in this way. If should be appreciated that during its vintage years, Longines was one of the antiques pre 1910s few major watch houses that manufactured its own movements entirely in-house, without purchasing any component parts from external suppliers. Named after Queen Victoria, who reigned in England during 19th century’s romantic period, the style was heavily influenced by antiques pre 1910s gothic and renaissance themes while incorporating the technological innovations of the Industrial Revolution. Price 2275 GB Pounds Longines steel with stepped art deco lugs 1943 A convincing case could be made that this is a better watch on every level than its Rolex equivalent of the same era. ABOUT US Buyers and sellers of fine antique jewelry and Imperial Russian antiques since 1998. In 1913, a study was commissioned by the New York Times that asked the antiques pre 1910s public which brand of luxury watch, among various other things, they would prefer if price was not a consideration. Copyright 2005-18 Flying antiques pre 1910s Tiger Antiques PO Box 672, Apache Junction, AZ 85117 1- Vintage Longines Watches For Sale Without any doubt, vintage Longines watches offer by far the best value to be found in the collectible horology field. Its movement is of the highest antiques pre 1910s quality, making it nothing short of a bargain. A antiques pre 1910s rare collector’s piece. For how long vintage Longines watches antiques pre 1910s will remain such good value is anybody’s guess. If the market ever wakes up to just how exceptional these vintage Longines watches are, we’ll all see auction results Img Encoder Img58b 1051 that are triple, or more, what these pieces command today. Charming in every way, it represents antiques pre 1910s remarkably good value for money. In the years between the two World Wars, Longines was a more expensive and more prestigious brand than both Rolex and Omega, yet today, its vintage watches can be bought for substantially less than those of its two competitors. Victorian Jewelry1840s c. Price 1775 GB Pounds Longines art deco steel, Leeds dial, 1936 With the most wonderful oversize art deco articulated lugs, this Antique 1920s Tiffany & Co Gold spectacular vintage Longines oozes charm and period 1930s style. 1900 1910 Heavily grounded in the styles of 18th Tl50 W 815 Sensor Contrast Rgb century jewelry, the Edwardian period reassigned the importance of artisan craft. The relative position of Longines to Rolex and Omega in the vintage watch marketplace today has shifted from the place it occupied in the first instance. After service with the RAF, many were returned for re-casing, but just occasionally we have untouched examples for sale of the Longines Mark antiques pre 1910s VII pilot’s watch with the original aluminium cases that were used to conserve precious reserves of steel at a time of grave national crisis. With hardly ever seen twisted bombee lugs and a two piece dial, this is a serious collector’s watch of the highest possible quality. Rolex certainly didn’t offer this refinement, nor did Jaeger LeCoultre, IWC or Omega, but to the modern day collector, it comes as a godsend, because it enables an instantaneous check that a case and movement are original to each other. Price antiques pre 1910s 865 GB Pounds Longines 14 karat gold black honeycomb 1952 In immaculate original condition and with the most gorgeous black honeycomb dial, this early post-war Longines is a rare treat for the collector. In common with Omega, Longines manufactured some extremely fine military antiques pre 1910s watches for the British government during World War II.

” Item Reference: 456129 Buyer from Texas “I am pleased to be back to purchase another of your special items ” Item antiques pre 1910s Reference: 632759 Buyer from the United Kingdom “Necklace came in good order and it is magnificent, absolutely stunning. We’ve discussed this point several antiques pre 1910s times here and if we were advising a close friend or family member who was thinking of collecting vintage watches, we would strongly suggest that they purchase Longines items in preference to those by any other brand. I also love that they are petite. Based in Chicago, we specialize antiques pre 1910s in original fine antique and vintage jewelry from all periods and styles, authentic pre-1917 Q&D[ Bear White Warm Garden jewelry by Carl Faberge including rare miniature Faberge eggs, engagement rings of unique designs, unusual men’s rings, and rare Russian demantoid and Siberian amethyst jewelry. As a business, we are notoriously critical when buying stock, and really first rate examples of these watches are getting much harder to find than they were even a decade ago. A decade ago, the antiques pre 1910s most informed London dealers were saying that pre-1960 Longines material just had to soar in price in the internet age, but it hasn’t happened. Longines is the exception antiques pre 1910s to this almost universal rule. This Bei 924 01002 6710 Encoder is very, very unusual and it is difficult to think of any other product, in any area of antiques, where the same obvious undervaluation has occurred. 1900 We carry a antiques pre 1910s diverse collection of Victorian Jewelry. We also buy and sell objects related to Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. The pearl earrings are antiques pre 1910s so gorgeous! It combines wonderful looks with a antiques pre 1910s quality of movement finish that is second to none. Edwardian antiques pre 1910s Jewelryc. They offer a quality that is unparalleled, at a price that is perhaps a third of that needed to buy their closest Rolex equivalents. Longines became a stylistic powerhouse in the 1920s and 30s, heavily influenced by the art deco movement that was very much in fashion during that period. Another nicety is the matching antiques pre 1910s of case and movement numbers that is often found on antique Longines watches from the 1930s and 40s. At this stage, it offered a diverse range of both rectangular and circular cased models, all built to the antiques pre 1910s highest possible standard. Art Deco Jewelry1910s 1930s In opposition to Art Nouveau, the Art Deco period was inspired by industrialism and cubism. An antiques pre 1910s ideal investment piece. Price 985 GB Pounds Longines antiques pre 1910s steel with Southampton dial 1952 With a movement that is finished to the highest possible standard, this immaculate vintage Longines from the immediate post-war period offers some of the best value for money to be found anywhere on our website. Every ingredient is there that should have made Longines the most desirable of all the vintage watch houses.

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