Nice Older Antique Baroque Chalice Two Tone With Paten Included Cu820

This little gem has a wonderful patina and would make a great addition to any antique knife collection. This knife will make a wonderful addition to any kitchen. This would make a very nice to any collection of vintage chopping knives or to any Disston collection. It is marked ‘2nd’ on the side as seen in the pictures. Simply roll or press out nice older antique your doughnut dough into a large sheet and then roll the cutter thru the dough. Made In nice older antique Boston U. SOLD A nice wooden spoon with a turned handle, attractive patina and satin like finish. A nice older antique nice juicer that makes a fun conversation piece. Advertisements and trade catalogs of the period always showed pictures of this pastry blender with seven wires rather than six. The slicer has nice older antique a length of 17 ” and a width of 4 “. SOLD A true kitchen collectible – The Taylor Roast Meat Thermometer complete with its original, green painted wooden container. Strainer – Soup VU147 A very nice soup strainer in Very Good condition. This knife resembles the Art Deco style and the handle has a jade coloration with caramel colored swirls. Sold Heddon Baby Lucky 13 – nice wooden lure with the plastic tack eyes. When you wander and browse both our indoor and outdoor areas, you will find rustic antiques & country decor, architectural, nautical salvage pieces and antiques for the garden. This specimen is ready to go to work in your kitchen or chuck box. Directly opposite to hand kneading is the work Chinese Antique 19c Jade Bead of the Universal. SOLD This is a slotted spoon or cake whip in Very Good Antique Genuine 16th Century Baroque Hand condition. This nice little grater still has its wooden pusher and retains nearly all of its original green paint and bright tin finish. This is nice older antique a museum quality specimen that will hold its own in any antique kitchen utensil collection and it would make an excellent accent piece in any room. This has a very interesting weave – almost like a spider web. The 9″ blade is ice tempered to create a hardened Antique Burled Walnut Inlaid Georgian blade that will sustain its sharpness longer and give desired effect when re-sharpened. The black antler and silver handle presents very well and would look great nice older antique in any kitchen or dining room. Made in the 70’s and all boxes are correctly marked. Sold Heddon Basser #8500 – very nice nice older antique circ 1920’s wooden lure with glass eyes. SOLD This is a great old alarm clock a Westclox Sleep Meter in Excellent condition. This causes the business end of the turner to flip 45 degrees and flip your pancakes. The lure is in VERY GOOD nice older antique PLUS condition and is in the flock finish. In nice rainbow color. 00 Heddon Crackleback #8050 – very nice circ 1970’s plastic lure with painted eyes. By moving the handle up and down you can gain a fairly aggressive beating action. This sifter would make a great display piece for any kitchen. The store lives up to its name, with a nice older antique massive selection of Nice Old Stuff, both new and old, and deals to fit everyone’s budget. The round pan has a diameter of 7″ and a depth of 1″. The scales are free of any chips or cracks and sport nice brass rivets. This would make a nice addition to any vintage utensil collection. Due to the nature nice older antique of the cooking process it is difficult to find these in a condition this good. This spatula has an Antique 12 Name Or Menu Holder Hand interesting blade that has perforations as well as concave areas to help with drain off.

SOLD Here is a “Bull Dog” can opener in Very Good condition. The funnel has a diameter of 2 5 8 with a height of 3 1 4″.

Sold Heddon Luny Frog #3500B – very nice circ nice older antique 1920’s lure made of pyralin, a ceramic-like material. Some paint is off the belly weight. Comes in the correctly marked box. The parer has an overall length of 6 ” and a width of “. Casserole Dish – nice older antique Covered VU335 This is a very attractive Covered Casserole in Excellent condition. The pan has a diameter of 16″ and has a height of 4 1 4″. The spatula has an overall length of 10 7 8″ and a blade width of 2 5 8”.

Apple Corer VU336 A hand Antique 90ctw Rose Diamond 18k held, T handle apple corer in Very Good condition. SOLD This nice older antique is a very attractive One Quart tin container in Excellent condition. This specimen is in Excellent condition with no cracks or nice older antique chips to the vibrant red paint.

The height of the chopping knife is 5 1 2″. SOLD An A&J Archimedean drill mixer or beater in very good condition. Nice collectable. 00 Heddon Dowagiac Spook nice older antique – very nice circ 1940’s plastilc lure with painted eyes. The lure is stamped ‘2nd’ on the belly.

May 6th 1873, Apr 3rd 1888, nice older antique July 9th 1889″. This masher has a nice turned handle and an interesting masher constructed of heavy wire mesh and twisted wire. 00 Heddon Minnow #150 RB – very nice circ Pair Antique Wood Articulatedjointed Hands 1970’s wooden lure with painted eyes. Rolling Pin – Turned Handles RP03 A hard maple nice older antique rolling pin with ornate turned handles. This 1950’s version of the vamp with glass eyes is a very hard lure to find which was not mass produced. Has a small nice older antique indentation on the one side. This is one of those kitchen utensils that really need to be displayed as well as used. Spoon – Slotted Cake Spoon VU227 This is an interesting style of slotted spoon in that the cut outs are in the shape of small squares. This specimen still retains much of its nickel finish. Chicago Ave. It has a chip by the one eye but still a very nice lure for one’s collection. 00 Heddon Crazy Crawlers – nice pair of lures in the flocked nice Antique Ws Carr Ny older antique mouse pattern. 00 Heddon Tadpolly #9007 WGS – very nice plastic lure that is in EXCELLENT condition and comes in the nice older antique correctly marked box along with a catalog. Tongs of this size are great for lifting an entire roast or chicken. SOLD A unique Archimedean mixer nice older antique or beater with double beaters in very good condition. This scoop is an interesting example due to its dimpled handle. This specimen is free of any cracks or chips and has nice older antique a very attractive old cast iron patina. It comes in a Antique Art Deco 14k Yellow Gold 040 box that is marked ‘100’ It is faint but legible. This specimen displays very well and would make a good addition to any cutlery collection. This specimen would work great in any Hudson Valley 5219 primitive camp or chuck wagon situation or even as an accent piece in any kitchen. , 1 1 nice older antique 2 Pt. Slotted Spoon – Rumford VU212 This Rumford slotted spoon is Good + condition and still retains some of its bright tin finish. Knife Sharpener – Star Oil Company VU175 Here is a nice advertising premium knife sharpener for the Star Oil Company. This specimen has a large comfortable grip that is stamped “Genuine Dover” on the front and “Dover Stamping Company” on the back. It has the 2 pin collar and is in GOOD PLUS condition. (German patent mark (meaning Deutsches Reich Geschmacksmuster) nice older antique 194167″ “Made in Germany” Guido Riedel”. SOLD This is an early, tin shaving comb box and shaving mirror in Very Good + condition. This specimen is in very good condition with no dents or dings and still retains a very nice finish. Spatula VU321 This is a very nice primitive spatula in Very Good + condition. The interior still retains much of its bright tin finish. The green handles are free of any cracks with minimal chipping to the paint. The cutter has an overall length of 12″ and a width of 4 1 2″. The overall length is 11 1 2″ with a wheel diameter of 3 1 2″. SOLD A very nice specimen in excellent condition. SOLD This is a nice older antique nice “Retro” egg slicer in Excellent condition. This would make a great catchall Stunning Antique Art Deco in a kitchen or in any other room.

Has L-rig hardware and nice older antique is in VERY GOOD PLUS condition Sold Heddon Minnow #150 – nice circ 1970’s wooden lure Rare Old Chinese Antique Han with painted eyes. And it creates a spout for nice older antique the juice that is squeezed from the fruit. Sold Heddon Basser # 8500 L – very nice circ 1970’s wooden lure with painted eyes. This spoon has an overall length of 11 1 4″ hand has a bowl width of 1 3 4″. This whisk has an attractive turned handle that is free of any chip or cracks. The front of the mill is embossed with the words “The C. The handle for the lid is a comfortable 1 1 8″ in width and is nicely finished with a rolled over edge – the lid does have an area of rust thru to the lip but this area is not visible when the lid is in place and it has no effect on the function of the kettle. The lure is in VERY GOOD condition. This specimen is a two cup sifter nice older antique with embossed sides. The lure is in EXCELLENT MINUS condition. The round handle has a diameter of 3 4″ and an nice older antique overall length of 4”. This spoon would look great hanging in any vintage kitchen. The metal end cap on the handle has a few diminutive little dents. The condition of nice older antique the paint is Excellent with no chips or cracks. A nautical theme is abundant on this very nice older antique attractive and scarce revolving grater. Measuring Spoons – Tallscoops VU177 This beautiful set of colorful aluminum “Tallscoops” measuring spoons is in Very Good condition. The lure is in EXCELLENT condition and comes in the correctly marked box along with early paperwork showing the Donally hardware. A” The number 4 is stamped under wooden knob. This specimen has a comfortable grip and is stamped “Dover Egg Beater Co. SOLD This is a very nice older antique nice Henry Disston & Sons Chopping Knife. A great addition to any collection. This nice melon ball cutter has an overall length of 7 ” with a handle length of 3 “. A great addition to your kitchen arsenal. Pail – Covered VU329 This is a nice covered berry bucket or lunch pail in Very Good condition. Sold Heddon Baby Vamp #7400 – very nice older antique nice circ 1920’s wooden lure with glass eyes and L-rig hardware. The turned handles are also in good condition. Ed McMahon was a pitch man for the Metric during the 1940s. Rolling Pin – Turned Handles RP06 A hard maple rolling pin with ornate turned handles. I believe this lure was never fished. This is just the right size to hold spice or seasoning in a chuck box or to use as an accent piece. SOLD GBN, Guarder Bing Nuremberg, was founded in Nurnberg by the brothers Ignaz and Adolf Bing in 1863. The comfortable wooden handle even has a countersunk hole to hang the spoon. The handle has a length of 4 3 4″ and a width of 1”. The peeler is stamped with Antique Bookcase Mahogany Display Case Victorian Scotland nice older antique the name “Little Star” Pat’d June 9, 1885 – C. Crank wheel is Antique Hubley Heavy & stamped “Dover Egg Beater Pat. I nice nice older antique utility item. This wonderful specimen is very detailed with its fern leaf design – in fact, it appears that a mold was made of an actual fern leaf as the design even carries itself to the three footed back. The overall nice older antique length of this ricer is 11″. There seems to be a base metal of copper or brass that shows here and there through the black finish coat. It has an nice older antique attractive turquoise handle with a length of 4 1 2″. This is quite attractive with its handled caddy with four feet. SOLD This is a beautiful Lees knife sharpening steel with a black, faux antler handle in Very Good + condition. All edges are folded over and all of the solder joints are sound. The overall length of this whip is 11 1 2″ with a handle length nice older antique of 4”. It nice older antique is in the Frog Spot color pattern. The thermometer measures temperatures from 100 to 200 degrees as well as the increments from rare nice older antique to well done. 00 Heddon Baby Crab Wiggler #1900 – very nice circ 1920’s wooden lure with glass eyes. This is a nice clean with no rust but in need of sharpening. The drum is 3 1 4″ diameter. Old West History Chuck Wagon Registry Smokey Hills Wranglers MenuNice Old Stuff Home Page Products Contact Welcome to Nice Old Stuff “Rustic Antiques, Uniques & Salvage for Home & Garden. The gears are protected by Antique 1915 Armor Bronze an ornate, decorated cover. This whip has an overall length of 10 1 4″ with a handle length of 5 nice older antique 1 2″. The timers condition is excellent with the exception of a nice older antique little grease buildup on the back. SOLD This is a wire ware whisk in Very Good + condition. This wonderful revolving grater will hold it’s own in nice older antique any collection and displays beautifully. Made in the 70’s and nice older antique comes in the correctly marked Antique Deco Diamond Eternity Band 18k box. This would make a fun addition to any collection of retro tableware. This is one of the interesting types of beaters nice older antique that spins when you apply downward pressure to the handle. Sold Heddon Vamp Spook #9750 – very nice circ 1940’s plastic lure with painted eyes.

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