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Coneely Stanford Petrie. AKA and see “The. Johnson (A Twenty Year Anniversary Collection), 2003; pg. X:1 T:As I went a waling one morning in Spring M:6 8 L:1 8 S:Stanford Petrie (1905), No. A Mixolydian. Trim (Thomas Hardy), 1990; No. AKA and see “Bog an Lochan,” Lady Grant of Grant. S for Rare Aafa Black the Vn. Reputedly, the Loch derived its name from the Gaelic word cateran, meaning a freebooter or robber. E Minor G Major. Standard tuning. Stirred with a silver spoon, it is bottled and kept until needed” (Alburger, 1983). Source for notated version: set dance music recorded at Na P obair Uilleann, mid-1980 s Taylor. AKA and see “,” “The ,” “The Union Reel,” “The Westmeath Hunt,” “The Twelve Locks. In Rare Aafa Black 1777 Astley expanded his equestrian show to include a strongman, Signor Colpi, and by 1780 had employed two clowns but the name of Fortunelly and Burt, and a number of acrobats who performed rope-vaulting tricks. Source for notated version: From Mr. He developed an act, a clown Large Antique Arts & act called Billy Buttons, or The Tailor s Ride to Brentford, based on the popular tale of a tailor with rather poor riding skills, who attempts to ride a horse to Brentford to vote in an election. “Athole Brose is, according to one recipe, a drink made from the water in which Antique Victorian Cascading Pearl & Diamond oatmeal has been soaked, mixed Rare Aafa Black with honey and whisky. X:1 T:As Rare Aafa Black I roved out one morning 2 M:C L:1 8 N: Andante S:Stanford Petrie (1905), No. Astley proved to be independent and resourceful, and aquired a reputation for bravery on and off the battlefield (he was also said to have been a sturdy six feet tall with a booming voice). ” ASPINWALL HORNPIPE. X:1 T:As I walked out 13 Antique Chinese Pure Copper Sit Rare Aafa Black one evening M:C L:1 8 N: County of Wexford S:Stanford Petrie (1905), No. Source for notated version: Winston Fitzgerald (1914-1987, Cape Breton) Cranford. A(Vocal)ABAA(Vocal)AA. Knowles (Northern Frisk), Rare Aafa Black 1988; No. X:1 T:As I was walking one morning in May M:3 4 L:1 8 N: Andante S:Stanford Petrie (1905), No. Miller & Perron (Traditional Irish Fiddle Music), 1977; vol. Her age, I am sure, it was scarcely fifteen, And she on Rare Aafa Black her head wore a garland C1900 Detailed Chickens of green; As down in the meadows I chanc d for to pass, O there I beheld a young beautiful lass. The tune Rare Aafa Black was first published in 1728. Astley s Ride also appears in the (writer Thomas) Hardy family music manuscripts. Sligo, Ireland) Flaherty ; a 1969 Rare Aafa Black recording of Galway fiddler M irt n Byrnes Miller & Perron. AKA and see “Such A Rare Aafa Black Gettin’ Upstairs 1. Ashuelot is a town in south western New Hampshire. X:1 T:Atlanta Hornpipe M:2 4 L:1 8 R:Hornpipe S:Ryan s Mammoth Collection (1883) Z:AK Fiddler s Companion K:F c fa f eg e fcc d c d c B A B A G F E F G A G E C E fa f eg e fcc d c Rare Aafa Black d c B A G F E G FFF :: F A c A c A c A G B d B d B d B F A c A c A c A G F E D. 3 Chinese Archaic The following lines appear in Alexander Whitelaw’s Book of Scottish Song (1844): You’ve surely heard o’ the famous Niel, The man that played the fiddle weel; I wat he was a canty chiel, And dearly loved the whisky, O Antique Original Oil On And aye sin’ he wore tartan hose, He dearly lo’ed the Athole Brose; And wae was he, yu may suppose, To bed ‘farewell to whisky’, O. Still a young man, Astley s ambition next was to start Rare Aafa Black a riding school, although he lacked the funds to go into business directly by himself. Jordan Rare Aafa Black (Whistle and Sing! ” AT CLOONE CHURCH GATE THE FIGHT BEGAN. X:1 T:Athole Cummers, The 2 M:C L:1 8 R:Highland Schottische S:Kerr Merry Melodies, vol. II, 1895; pg. Cape Breton fiddlers play it as a strathspey in the key of D, where it is often the vehicle for stepdancing. C Major (Laufman): G Major (Johnson). Barnes (English Country Dance Tunes, vol. Composed by Sarnia, southwestern Ontario, fiddler John(ny) Durocher (1934-1989); one of several tunes he composed in honor of the c. Those wishing to be entertained at his Royal Grove, as he called it, could sit in the stands or, for a lesser amount, secure a standing space. ” Rare Aafa Black ATTWOOD (HORNPIPE). AKA and Rare Aafa Black see Llewellyn, “Sir Watkin William Wynn. Ireland, Connemara.

4 R:Polka M:2 4 L:1 16 Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne K:D A2 ffff f2e2 (3efe d2 A4 cccc c2B2 (3BcB A2 F4 ffff f2e2 (3efe d2 A4 cccc c2fe d2f2 d2: :f2 f2e2 d2F2 (3BcB A2 A4 Antique French Provincial Louis Xv Style Sideboardbuffet G2E2 c3c B2A2 f3f f2e2 d2F2 (3BcB A2 A4 G2E2 c3c d2f2 d2: ATKINS POLKA #5. Glen (1891) and Emmerson (1971) remark Rare Aafa Black that such belief is largely based on an ascription to ‘Mackintosh, junior’ in his Gorgeous 1870s Indigo Blue father’s third book, though it could refer to Abraham’s brother Robert (though the latter did not publish any collection). AKA “Ashtree Grove”? X:1 T:Atlantic Polka (second change) R:Polka M:4 4 L:1 8 Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne K:D A d c2A2 efec d2A2 f3g a2g2 edeg f2d2 A3d c2A2 efec d2A2 f3g a2A2 B2c2 d6: :A2 f8- f2g2 f2e2 d2cd e2d2 B6B2 e6d2 c6c2 B3c B3c B2A2 F2D2 f8- f2g2 f2e2 d2cd e2d2 B6B2 e6d2 c6B2 AA2g f2e2 d6: ATLANTIC POLKA (Third Change). The evidence would seem to award composition of the tune to Helferty, who may have Rare Aafa Black called it The Roar of Loughros Mor (a peninsula near Ardara). McKenzie of Newtownards, a great lover of Irish Music and of the corresponding folk songs, sent me the (air) about 30 yeards ago (i. Green Rare Aafa Black Linnet GLCD 1111, various artists The Rights of Man.

Since the sub title was “Niel Gow’s Favourite,” and it appears in Gow s Third Collection of Strathspey Reels (Edinburgh, 1792), it has often been mistakenly credited to that famous fiddler. Not a version of “Athole Brose. Composed by young East Royalty, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, fiddler Richard Wood (b. Petrie notes Rare Aafa Black this tune is a variant of his Maid of Timahoe. ASK ME MY FATHER (“Fiafraigh de m’Athair ” or “Fiafruig Do’m Ataire”). 46 Rare Aafa Black (includes variation sets). Composed by William Rose, this march has become one of the most popular and recognized C1930s Antique Persian Bijar Runner Rug Scottish pipe marches. Bluegrass, Rare Aafa Black Breakdown. The name Ashokan first appears in Dutch records from the 17th century and may be a corruption of an Indian word. AB (Breathnach): AA B Rare Aafa Black (Mitchell): AABB (O’Neill). Scottish, Jig (9 8 Gorgeous Antique French time).

(Cole (1000 Rare Aafa Black Fiddle Tunes), 1940; pg. Robert Macintosh (Fourth Book of New Strathspey Reels), 1804; pg. Only a year or two after his discharge from the military Astley was in a position launch his career. See Rare Aafa Black also The Prison of Clonmel for a related air. Luck was the vehicle for his next career move, however, when he Rare Aafa Black found a diamond ring on Westminster Bridge. The root ball would be trimmed to a knob which fit easily in the hand, and the length trimmed into a switch. (The Athole Collection), 1884; pg. Scottish, March Rare Aafa Black (2 4 time). ” Rare Aafa Black ATAIREACHD ARD, AN. The town of Ashokan itself was largely inundated by Antique American Waltham the vast Ashokan Reservoir, one of New York City s watersheds in the Catskill Mountains. AKA and see “The Heids o Vigon” (Shetland). 3), 1988; pg. Connolly & Martin (Forget Me Not), Rare Aafa Black 2002; pgs. Source for notated version: fiddler John Doherty (1895-1980, County Donegal) Feldman & O Doherty. AKA Rare Aafa Black and see “Little Yellow Road. D Major (‘A’ and ‘B’ parts) & A Major (‘C’ part).

AT HOME WAD I BE. AKA and see. See Kissed Yestreen. ” X:1 T:Astley s Ride M:2 4 L:1 8 K:D : (a f ) dd dc d ee e(f e ) d c B A Bc d e f g a g f e dd d(c d ) ee e(f e ) d c B A Bc (d2 d) :: A ff f(e f ) gg g(b g ) ee e(d e ) ff f g a f dd dc d ee ef e d c B A Bc (d2 d) : ASTOREEN MACHREE (O Treasure of my heart). Rounder Records , John L. Shaskeen “My Rare Aafa Black Love is in America. Bulmer & Sharpley (Music from Ireland), 1974, vol. Kennedy (Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland: Rants & Reels), 1997; No. ATL 8835, Dave MacIsaac & Scott MacMillan – Live (1993). Source for notated version: M. 62), Polly (1729), “and many other Ballad Operas” according to Chappell. Seamus Connolly remarks that he first heard Astley s Hornpipe on a Irish radio broadcast of Se n Murch s C il House program of the Eamonn Ceannt C il Band from Dublin, regularly featured on the program. Skinner (The Scottish Violinist), pg. X:1 T:As I Roved Out One Morning 1 M:2 4 L:1 8 R:Air N: With Rare Aafa Black spirit S:O Neill Music of Ireland (1903), No. X:1 T:As We Go About Our Work M:C L:1 8 R:Air N: Slow, with expression S:O Neill Music of Ireland (1903), No. Mitchell (Dance Music of Willie Clancy), 1993; No. Jones s mansion near Wrexham. Athole (or Atholl) derives from the Gaelic Antique Ship Telegraph Brass Very ath Fodla, generally translated as New Ireland, and stems from the first invasion of the northern land by the Irish tribe the Scots in the 7th century (Matthews, 1972). Ftizgerald Stanford Petrie. Canadian, Rare Aafa Black Jig. The name Athole (or Atholl) derives from the Gaelic ath Fodla, generally translated as New Antique Art Deco Platinum 090ct Ireland, and stems from the first invasion of the Rare M Pillischer Antique Brass The International Microscope Aafa Black northern land by the Irish tribe the Scots in the 7th century (Matthews, 1972). D Mixolydian or D Mixolydian Major (Cranford Holland, Dunlay & Greenberg, Jones, Perlman): A Minor ( A and C parts) & A Major ( B part) Skinner. Source for notated version: Aldus Roger and Phillip Alleman (La. 20 (appears as “Athol Highlanders Jig”). Buth then rose a fog, and our vessel did log, You could scarcely observe our slow motion; When to our surprise the storm did arise, And the billows did foam through the ocean Source for notated version: Mr. AKA and see “An Rare Aafa Black Maide Fuinnseoige. Sweet (Fifer s Delight), 1964; pg. Irish, Moderate Air Rare Aafa Black (3 4 time). 2), 1765; No. X:1 T:As I Roved Out M:C L:1 8 R:Air N: With expression S:O Neill Music of Ireland (1903), No. Hunter (The Fiddle Music of Scotland), 1988; No. Composed by Antrim, New Hampshire fiddler Rodney Miller, for his son, to honor the next generation. For further information see Policy or contact the author. F) CFF f2d cAF tr E2C D FF F2 ATHOLE’S BONNIE LASSES. The air appears in D Urfey s Pills Rare Aafa Black to Purge Melancholy (vol. England, Rare Aafa Black North West. AKA and see Rare Aafa Black “Seventeen Come Sunday. 24), where it appears Antique Brass Bronze as “Sir Watkin William Wynn. 41 Z:AK Fiddler s Companion K:Amin A (AEAB) (cded) (cAB d c) A3B (cde f) ( gaea) c c ba (be)(ed) (cg)(BA) Rare Aafa Black G3 (A B ) (ca)(ag) (ef)(de) (cA)(B A) A2 z A GGcd e(. Francois (Y Yaille Ch re! Ashokan Farewell has become hugely popular, and can even frequently be heard rendered by school string programs. 2, 1954; pg. McGlashan (Collection of Strathspey Reels), c. D Major (‘A’ part) & A Major (‘B’ part). His Royal Grove Rare Aafa Black burned in 1794, was rebuilt (as Astley s Royal Ampitheatre ) and burned again in 1803 followed by yet another rebuilding.

” ATHLONE Rare Aafa Black BRIDGE, THE. Breathnach (1996) Rare Aafa Black attributes the composition to Belfast and Derrylin, County Fermanagh, fiddler and singer Tommy Gunn. 1757 collection, according Rare Aafa Black to John Glen (1891).

American, Hornpipe. Since the part is a repetition of chord outlines in descending thirds, however, it may simply be a coincidence and not an imitation. Irish, Rare Aafa Black Jig. 1), 1976; No. See “The Ashplant. ASHLEY MACISAAC S REEL. The MacGregors have a clan graveyard at one end of the ten-mile long lake, and Rob Roy MacGregor was born at nearby Glengyle House. 1) Rare Aafa Black in his c. 3 R:Polka M:2 4 L:1 16 Z:Transcribed by Bruce Osborne K:D B2 A2d2 f3d d2c2 e3B A2f2 g3g f2d2 a3B A2d2 f3e c2c2 e3c Aceg gecA d2d2 d2: K:A z2 eee2 fff2 eee2 abc’2 c’b ab d’2g2 baga c’2a2 eee2 fff2 eee2 abc’2 c’b ab d’2g2 a2a2 a2: ATKINS POLKA #4. AKA and see “Batchelders (Reel),” “. Broadway 5119 B (78 RPM), Osey Helton c. ” Welsh (originally), Scottish, New England; Waltz. At the age of seventeen he borrowed a horse and joined the 15th Dragoons as a rough rider and horse-breaker and was soon sent overseas with the Antique 18c Medieval unit to serve under the King of Prussia. He hired other noted equestrians, Miller, Griffin and Jones, but it was Astley who was the artistic creator and director of the show. Canada; Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton. 1; Rare Aafa Black 4th Set, No. Greene County, Pa. (Complete Tutor Violin), c. COMMENT4 This was Font Pitch 1,10 – On. C F A c A c A c A G B d B d B d B A c f a b g e g fff : ATLANTA SCHOTTISCHE.

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