Rare Antique Restored Eagle Safe Co Wall Safe Like Halls And Mosler

Email: Excellent condition with nice red rare antique restored upholstery and new bottom. Dual Working Lock and Key! DID YOU KNOW – Although our restoration shop is located in Tennessee, we do more work for clients in California, Texas and New York than any other states! If a particular artwork employs a variety of colors, it is not unusual for up to 25 stones to be used in the process. Nice cabin Circa 1930s Antique layout with dinette, galley, storage locker and head.

Call To Order Roll Top Antique Trunk – #818Beautifully Restored Roll Top Antique Steamer Trunk w a Dark Natural Reddish-Brown Finish to the Pine Wood Body and Red Oak Slats. Large Size Late 19th Century (1880s 1890s) Restored Antique Roll Top Trunk w Blackend Hardware Contrasting Beautifully Against the Golden-Honey Finish of the Pine Wood Body and Light Oak Slats. The racing runabout is the nicest handling runabout that rare antique restored Chris-Craft built. For those who like speed, get ready to really fly in this garage-sized Chris Craft Capri with rebuilt original 185 h. Refastened bottom, rare antique restored sides and decks. Believed to be one of only two remaining 38′ twin engine Hacker Craft boats. We want you and your family to say “This Old Trunk” is the best! Pirate Treasure Chest Bookend or Doorstop6″ tall, 3″ across, 2. Very Large Roll Top Trunk34″L x 21″D x 25″H A substantial, solid, and well built so shipping will be about $195. However the truth of the matter is that the majority of these trunks were made towards the middle to end of the 19th century just at the dawning of the industrial revolution here An Antique Meiji Era Silver Japanese Signed in America when there were no child labor 16 Ancient Chinese laws or protections. New trailer included. Excellent restored condition with new upholstery and nice chrome. Transom is ready for rare antique restored your name. Custom trailer included. Large Flat Top rare antique restored Trunk34″L x 20″D x 23″H Another well-built and heavy antique flat top steamer trunk. Trailer included. Large Size Dome Top Trunk31″L x 19″D x 23″HA handsomely masculine antique trunk with a fabulous original alligator skin design and original colors. Recently varnished, so you should be good for several years. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 01233 820219 11,960 Maxon Turret on Trailer M55 19 October ’18 Sold with: – 4 Repro Browning CAL. Late 19th Century (1880s-1890s) Rich Even Honey Patina Contrasting Beautifully Against the Blackend Hardware and Metal Edging. What better way to honor rare antique restored and remember those who settled this nation and have come before us! Original Victorian Lithograph of a Woman in Peasant Garb Readking a Letter and Holding a Rose. Raised Letters on Wheel Case Clamp Read “APL”. Trailer not included, but we rare antique restored have other new ones in stock. Very Large Flat Top Trunk35″L x 20″D x 22″H Another very affordable 130 year old trunk which would be perfect for any room or home with a 19th Century decor or as a statement piece. Great for a small office, apartment or even placed on a desk or table for show or as a statement piece. All boats are located in our showroom near Minneapolis, Mn. Original Owners Initials Stenciled to Each Side: “W. These antique trunks after being fully restored have transcended their original purpose in both beauty and function as they are now fine furniture which can be displayed in the most discerning waterfront nautical home decor! Inventory rare antique restored number 59n. These antique trunks were not made much larger than rare antique restored this in the 19th century due to practical transportation considerations. This one-owner, boathouse-kept boat is very comfortable with lots of leg room and head room. But see our other higher up in the classic boat listings. Working Lock and Key Large Roll Top Trunk36″L x 22″D x 25″H Great large-size rare antique restored all wood roll top trunk and great for any contemporary home and a centerpiece in any room. Scroll Down To Review All 100+ Available Restored Antique Trunks Each with a Trunk #, Mulitiple Photographs, Description, Measurements, and Price! A worthy project. A great re-purpose as Antique 16 German Bisque a Navy or Military Retirement Shadow Box, Display, and Storage Trunk. All gauges are original except the non-original temp gauge. Email Alerts We recommend you sign up for the rare antique restored antique boat Email Alerts in order to reap the greatest benefit from this site. An excellent candidate as a re-purpose for a Military, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Navy Shadow Box! Call To Order Roll Top Antique Trunk – #766Late 19th Century (late 1880s-1890s) Large All Wood Roll Top Restored Antique Trunk For Sale. Will it cost more to restore my instrument than it will be worth? Working brass Lock AND Key! Chris Craft 6 cylinder H engine.

If you want to learn to do this yourself, we Antique Jb Usa Golf Golfer Ball Sport are happy to give you some guidance. Call To Order DomeTop Antique Trunk – #808Medium Size 19th Century (1870s 1880s) Restored Antique Dome Top Trunk w Blackened Hardware Which Contrasts Beautifully Great Price On 143 Ct Trillion And Against the Golden Finish of the Pine Wood Body and Darker Oak Slats. A Dated 19th Century Trunk with that Distinct “Piratey” and Treasure Sea Chest Look! Has that High Arch Piratey rare antique restored look and feel. Medium DomeTop Trunk30″L x 19″D rare antique restored x 21″H A well-built antique dome top or humpback steamer trunk which would be the perfect size in an apartment, any room, or man cave! Remnants of Original Leather Tie Downs. Chris-Craft rare antique restored “ML” 6-cylinder engine. Email: 1956 19 ft Chris Craft Capri Runabout Very good condition with nice chrome and newer upholstery. Very rare antique restored nice single-axle trailer included. YemenZambiaZimbabwe Country Email Enter Email Confirm Email Telephone Message with Offer EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The Blackend Hardware Contrasting Beautifully Against the 100+ Year Old Seasoned Woods. This rare antique restored is the early solid cover board model. Call To Order Roll Top Antique Trunk – #807Very Large Mid 19th Century (1870s)Restored Antique Roll Top Trunk Blackened Hardware Contrasting Beautifully Against the Light Golden Finish of the Pine Wood Body and Slightly Darker Wide Oak Slats. Mid-Size Flat Top Trunk29″L x 19″D x 20″H A great mid-size trunk that would fit perfectly well in an apartment or smaller room, or in any contemporary home, especially as a coffee table or end table. Bottom has been reworked, but is not totally new. Lest we forget rare antique restored this old trunk and the authentic antique nautical home furnishings and this old antique trunks for sale as found on this web site Fine 19th C French Enamel are all vintage and antique nautical furniture. DISTANCE IS NOT AN ISSUE! Large Dome Top Trunk32″L x 20″D x 25″H Another well constructed, very large and heavy humpback or dome top trunk great for any contemporary home. Nice rare antique restored chrome. Then, the stone is inked with oil-based paints and run through a printing press in conjunction with a sheet of paper, which is used to transfer the image onto the paper. Non-Working Lock. ) All Contrasting Beautifully Against the Dark Golden Finish of the Pine Wood Body. Rebuilt Chrysler rare antique restored 6-cylinder twin engines. Nice single-axle trailer included. SOLD Get EMAIL ALERTS rare antique restored of New Antique Boats! Additonal Features Include rare antique restored Decorative Oak Slat Cast Iron Clamps, Heavy Duty Front Latches, Decorative Nailed-in Protective Pieces, Decorative Edge Guards, Front Lid Lift, Saw Mark Impressions Left in the Wood From the Initial Cut at the Sawmill, Original End Caps with New Leather Handles. (Boat #12j) SOLD! We deliver to rare antique restored 48 states. Call To Order Flat Top rare antique Antique Austrian Bronze Dog Head Bust restored Antique Trunk – #822Very Large Flat Top Antique Steamer Trunk w a Light Reddish-Honey-Brown Finish to the Pine Wood Body Contrasting Beautifully with the Polished Hardware and Darker Red Oak Wood Slats. Double layer sides and decks for extra strength. The Light Golden rare antique restored Brown Butternut Patina to the Wood Body and Oak Wood Slats Contrast Beautifully Against the Blackened Hardware. Large Dome Top Trunk34″L x 15″D x 24″H Great large-size all wood dome top trunk rare antique restored for any contemporary home and a centerpiece in any room. Very good condition with nice upholstery rare antique restored and instruments. All Hardware and Wood Surfaces Have Been Original Antique Danish Watercolor Painting Beautifully Preserved and Presented For the MOST Discriminating rare antique restored Collector and is Museum Quality, Investor Grade! Classic Chris Craft Capri in rare antique restored excellent restored condition. An Even Rich Light Golden Brown Patina to both the Oak and Pine Woods. Call To Order Dome Top Antique Trunk – #767Late 19th Century (late 1870s-1880s) Huge All Wood Humpback or Dome Top Restored Antique Trunk rare antique restored For Sale. Engine was rebuilt by previous owner with single 4-barrel carb installed. Call To Order Roll Top Antique Trunk – #757Late 19th Century (late rare antique restored 1880s-1890s) Large All Wood Roll Top Restored Antique Trunk For Sale. “M” engine. 27 Ammunition Limber 12 October ’18 rare antique restored WW2 No. Call Mitch for more info. Project rare antique restored condition.

Original Scripps 208 engine. Chris rare antique restored Pair Antique 3 Stack Craft 6 cylinder KLC engine. Dated Brass Lock: “May, rare antique restored 1854, Feb 1867, May 1868” Mid Size Dome Top Antique Trunk28″L x 17″D x 24″HA super nice mid-size well-constructed dome top or humpback trunk with lots of period features which would look great in any room. (Inventory #35h) SOLD! To the very right is a close up of a Antique Trunk which can easily be used as an Antique China Chest, Hope Chest or even as Filing or Office Storage Cabinet with green and black metal cladding with oak wood straps. Call To Order rare antique restored Dome Top Antique Trunk – #764Late 19th Century (late 1880s) Large All Wood Dome Top Restored Antique Trunk For Sale. A division of DataCity, Inc. Dated Working Brass Lock (Dec 1 1885), No Key. Very good condition 22 ft Chris Craft Continental Hard top. Re-Purpose Antique Trunks as a Shadow Box and Storage Chest!

Pr Call To Order Roll Top Antique Trunk rare antique restored – #612Large Size Late 19th Century Roll Top Antique Trunk w 100 Year Old Cured and Seasoned All Natural Pine and Oak Woods.

Inventory rare antique restored number 53n. Factory installed wood windshield. Includes a vintage Crow top with new canvas to keep you dry on misty days. Much like the real estate industry, restoring a vintage instrument adds real value to the piece, ultimately making the instrument worth more than the cost of restoration in most cases. An Even Golden-Butternut-Brown Finish to the Pine Wood Body and Oak Wood Slats Contrasting Beautifully with the Black Hardware with Gold Highlights. It was a common practice that loyal and productive craftsmen would be allowed to bring their children to work with them to learn a craft, so many of the children in this photograph were more than likely sons of the men shown. Working Brass Lock but No Key. Call To Antique 33ct Genuine Order Dome Top Antique Trunk – #743Mid-Late 19th Century (1870s-1880s) HUGE All Wood Humpback or Dome Top Antique Trunk For Sale. Call To Order Dome Top Antique Trunk – #799Very Large Late 19th Century (1880s-1890s) All Wood Dome Top Restored Antique Trunk For Sale Features Include Original End Caps, 2 Nail Strips Across Body and Lid, 3 Locks w Center Lock Very Decorative No Key, Heavy and Substantial Trunk, Natural Patina to Pine Body and Oak Wood Slats, 3 Heavy Duty Rear Hinges Very Large Dome Top Trunk34″L x 22″D x 27″H This large and Heavy dome top trunk would be the centerpiece and focal point in any room! (Financing Available) Project 25′ Sportsman with rare antique restored 3rd row seating. Get rare antique restored EMAIL ALERTS of New Antique Boats!

Ray Brown, owner of the Ramona Park Hotel in rare antique restored Harbor Spring, Michigan bought her from a widow who could not Antique International Firework Co Blue afford her hotel bill. 1937 19′ Chris Craft Custom Runabout Excellent condition antique Antique Art Deco 18k boat with beautiful new decks and sides. Inventory # 21k. 28 September ’18 This gun was originally built in 1916 by Vickers Son & Maxim. Features Include Front rare antique restored Latches w Built-in Lid Lifts, Lid Guides, Edge Guards. Original teak aft decks, twin Chrysler rare antique restored V8 engines. Chris-Craft 130 hp “M” engine has been painted, detailed, started and run in our shop. Get rare antique restored EMAIL ALERTS of New Classic Boats Antique Victorian Era Brooch Email: 1947 Antique Stained Glass Double Entrance 17′ Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout Project condition. 283 V8 engine was rebuilt by a previous owner. Contrasting Working Brass Lock rare antique restored dated 1868 But No Key. Inventory number (22f) SOLD! Working Lock Which Is Slightly Misaligned Due to Age, No Key. Large Size Dome Top Trunk32″L x 19″D x 25″H A rare antique restored solidly built 120+ year old antique trunk restored in a rich light brown butternut masculine finish. You will rare antique restored have a great time using and showing this classic wooden Antique Rare Shore boat. Is rare antique restored Antique Boat Financing Available? You will turn lots of heads scooting around in Chris-Craft’s most famous runabout. Email: Excellent condition barrel back with rare solid covering board and new bottom. Tandem axle trailer included. Multiple Victorian Lithographs. Historical Display Only Not For Sale IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to our extensive availability of restored antique trunks, the manner and procedures in which we restore our trunks, and our high placement in the various search engines we Antique Hand Blown Glass receive over 10 calls and as many emails every day by well intentioned people asking us to provide opinions, comments, appraisals, and or pricing on trunks which they own themselves. SEE Antique Grand Tour Bronze Sculpture WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 07977 675278 Offers Howitzer US 105mm historic piece of artillery 22 September ’18 Worldwide probably the only example of US artillery 105mm for sale, with French Saint Etienne Proof house certificate. Ok, you bought it, so now what? Very Large Dome Top Steamer Trunk34″L x 19″D x 24″H This is an extremely well constructed dome top and perfect example of mid-19th century post-Civil War trunk. Excellent restored condition. Features Original End Caps, Working Lock No Key, Saw Impressions Left in Wooden Planks, Unique and Decorative Front Latches, Heavy and Substantial Large Dome Top Trunk30″L x 19″D x 18″H This large dome top has very unique front latches with a decorative design. Would make an excellent repurpose for a rare antique restored military, Navy, Air Force, Army, or Marine Retirement Shadow Box $595. Call Why have a handsome home or business executive office with “hum-drum ugly utilitarian steel file cabinets” when you can be outfitted with these antique 150 year old Dome Top or Flat Top Steamer Trunks, as wonderful antique nautical home furnishing! Call rare antique restored To Order Dome Top Antique Trunk – #5231880s-1890s. Features include Edge Guards, Leather Tie Downs, 1 Nail Strip Across the Body and Lid, Front Latches w Built-in Lid Lifts, End Caps w Built-in Lid Guides, and Heavy Duty Rear Hinges. Powered by classic Chris Craft 158 h. Come see it in Minneapolis, Minn. Working Brass Lock and Key! Test driven by Mitch, runs great! Medium Size Roll Top Trunk28″L x 18″D x 20″H Another fantastic restored trunk which would be the centerpiece and focal point rare antique restored in any room! Medium Size Flat rare antique restored Top Trunk22″L x 21″D x 22″H A great mid-size trunk which will fit easily into an apartment or small room or man cave! These fully restored Antique Trunks will become your legacy and a family heirloom passed down from rare antique restored generation to generation!

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