Very Rare Early Antique Brass Electric Dutch Holland Emi Fan Tripod Base

COME SEE WHAT’S NEW! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #91778 very rare early Beautiful glittering white luster with mirror like fields! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #103756 Even dark chocolate brown color with nice surfaces and no problems. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #77894 Beautiful Antique Chinese White Nephrite Jade creamy white lustre that rolls over the Gem surfaces. This variety is very scarce with only an estimate of 700 specimens exist in all grades! Pay with a check or money very rare early order and your price is just $1235! The absolute lowest mintage regular strike Morgan Dollar produce with only 100k minted, and many lost and melted. UPDATED 09 12 2018! Antique Pair Beaux Arts French Wall Sconces A very scarce date that lists for $435 on the Graysheet! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #106621 Even deeper gray color and very close to a full VF. UPDATED ON 09 12 2018 NEW DEALS EVERY DAY! B-3 is noted on the holder $549. This is the scarcer “Small Date” variety, as noted on the holder! While the reverse does have a soft strike on the head, it is sharper than average and shows a sharp horn as well as some fur detail visible on the bison’s head. A beautiful mark free example of this Hard Times token. An XF example of the Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle design. WALKING HALVES (1916-1947). There is an edge bruise at 4:00, but this is as nice an example of a vintage dollar as you could hope for. OVER 300 ITEMS PRICED$40 very rare early AND UNDER! Graysheet is $2,000 in AU, and $950 in XF40. SHIELD Antique 1920s 1930s Johnson Handley Johnson Co NICKELS (1866-1883). 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #104095 A beautiful coin with impressive luster, brilliant centers and pretty gold toning around the peripheries.

Credit cards are not accepted $1265. There is a touch of magenta toning on the obverse.

There are several small nicks around the neck and ear area, along with two little nicks on the reverse. COMMEMORATIVE TWO COIN SETS. COMMEMORATIVE Large Beautiful Vintage THREE very rare early COIN SETS DOLLARS. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #103653 Razor sharp strike with absolutely gorgeous mahogany brown color and nearly mark free surfaces. This scarce date jumps very rare early to $15,500 in MS65! A scarce commemorative that doesn’t often come up in higher grades! A pleasing problem free example of this scarce early Bust Quarter! A superb example with glossy tan problem free surfaces with about 10% red lustre on both sides. Tough to find this nice! An exciting coin that is so rare that is hardly ever comes up for sale. The reverse shows full breast feathers, wing and shield detail. MORGAN very rare early DOLLARS (1878-1921). One of the lowest mintage dates in the series with just 110,000 minted, which is only 10,000 more than an 1893-S! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #106525 A full ounce of very rare early gold in this beautiful American Eagle $50 Gold Piece! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #75596 “XF Details, Improperly Cleaned” very rare early Pointed 6, No Stems, O-109. BROWSE OURFEATURED COINS! 00 increments, so if you would like a C1930s Antique Fine Rare Green Persian $25.

PEACE very rare early DOLLARS (1921-1935). Rare date this nice! Reverse is very rare early brilliant with some pretty gold toning. The second lowest mintage very rare early Morgan dollar, with just 10% more minted that the 1893-S. Nice eye appeal with hardly a mark Pair Rare Antique to be found! A great buy on the King of the Morgan Dollars! The nicks blend in nicely with the Antique Venetian Neoclassical Gilt Glass original color of the coin, making them not as obvious at first glance. No significant marks or nicks. As many collectors know, this date is very rare early notorious for Antique 14k Gold 440ct Rose Cut Genuine being weakly struck. There is a small indention on the cap that ever so slightly pushes out the metal causing the uneven wear patterns on the rim. TO CONTACT US! This one is beauty creamy white lustre and just very rare early a trace of toning. We very rare early package them in groups, give them large discounts and ship them out in this special. By far the lowest mintage Braided Large Cent, with only 333,456 every produced! A pristine coin that is problem free and at an attractive price. BARBER QUARTERS (1892-1916). There is some slight scuffing on the ear area when viewed at the right angle. Coin is fully struck with all detail visible including the very rare early outer hair curls. Reverse shows several very rare early short, deeper scratches across the lower section of the eagle. Rare Signed Antique Cleaned in the past, but over time it has toned back to light gray centers and medium Large Chinese Antique Raised Carved gray at the peripheries. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #99497 Brilliant with gorgeous very rare early white luster and a nice strike for this issue. 00 Availability: 1 in stock SHOPPING CART Your cart is currently empty Subtotal: $0. A solid MS64. 00 lot, you will receive $50. JEFFERSON NICKELS (1938-Date) HALF very rare early DIMES DIMES. Don’t forget our free layaway plans! A good buy on a very rare early rare date. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #104945 A pleasing, original coin with even, deeper gray toning and full wing feathers. Lots of detail for the grade with most of the wreath showing along with about Semi Antique Red & four letters in Liberty, with at least small parts of six of the letters. Hardly a mark to be found, though with magnification there is a nick on the cheek that keeps the grade from Antique Military Portrait Oil Painting being higher. STANDING QUARTERS (1916-1930). YOU CHOOSE THE LOT SIZE BY PRICE! EARLY very rare early COMMEMORATIVES. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #102192 ‘VF Details Obv. Formerly housed in a PCGS holder and includes the grading insert. ROOSEVELT DIMES (1946-Present) 20C PIECES QUARTERS. KENNEDY HALVES (1964-Date) COMMEMORATIVES. Greysheet is $3,700 in very rare early AU50 and $5,750 in AU50! A sharp coin that has a 3 Antique Boulle field nick above the hair bun, and a faint scuff on the upper cheek when examined closely. TRADE DOLLARS (1873-1885). SEATED DOLLARS (1840-1873). Credit cards are not accepted $1255. ‘ very rare early I follow in the steps of my illustrious predecessor’. Wonderful eye appeal. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item Probably Baccarat Antique Crystal & #106370 Obverse is fully toned in beautiful shades of sunset gold and teal green. Overall, the surfaces and color give this coin good eye appeal. Each coin is individually priced and discounted, very rare early so you will see the bargain price on each and every coin! A quality example void of any major Antique Oil Painting Signed On very rare early marks with excellent eye appeal! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #79999 Glittering white lustre and very few marks. Credit cards are not accepted $1259. BUST Antique Enamel Oriental Large Antique 19th Century French HALVES Unparalleled Semi Antique Vintage (1794-1839). We have discounted around $1000 for the cleaning! BARBER very rare early DIMES (1892-1916). The Token with turtle & box on the obverse and the very rare early donkey on the reverse. One Antique Islamic Ewer of the most beautiful designs that graced very rare early vintage Very Rare Antique coins. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #105904 Boldly struck with gorgeous champagne gold toned luster! These dots are from die rust, and do not show on early die states. We don’t have room for thousands of lower priced coins. The 8 Tail-feather variety is very scarce, and we rarely Intricately Carved Antique see one in this high grade. The very rare early old cleaning has toned back. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #106700 A full ounce of gold very rare early in this beautiful American Eagle $50 Gold Piece! Excellent eye appeal on this scarce date! For instance, if you order a $50. MODERN QUARTERS (1999-Present) HALF DOLLARS.

Reverse has rim weakness very rare early from 10:00 to 12:00 and at 5:00. Use the quantity feature to select the DOLLAR value of very rare early your lot. TO SEE TODAY’S DEALS! The eye appeal is MUCH nicer than your average red and brown example.

There is one little toning spot on the reverse rim. Without the cleaning, this certified key date Huge Antique Gilt very rare early would list for around $5000! FOR MORE INFORMATION! Pay with a check or money order and your price is just $1240! Reverse has a few little bag nicks in the center that are not noted on the holder. FRANKLIN HALVES (1948-1963). Greysheet is $2,800 in VF, and this one is an amazing deal at nearly half price! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #106721 “F12 Details Cleaned” This scarce date has Fine details and is a bit brighter from being cleaned. An opportunity to own the scarcest very rare early Carson City Morgan Dollar! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #101261 This scarce date is nice and original with deeper gray toning. Reverse has two rim nicks that are not noted on the holder. Reverse is mostly brown with undertones of fading red luster remaining. Bold date and mintmark. Reverse has gorgeous magenta very rare early toning over red surfaces. Coin is boldly struck with premium surfaces void of any major marks. MERCURY DIMES (1916-1945). 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #86398 Original gray toning and a lot of detail for the grade. BUST very rare early QUARTERS (1796-1837). 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #103079 A dazzling example with the majority of the obverse surfaces showing various Antique Style Farm Sink Blue & shades of red, including a trace of silver blue in the center. SEATED QUARTERS (1838-1891). MODERN COMMEMORATIVE DOLLARS. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #104756 Lovely even gold toning with impressive luster. A perfect opportunity to finally fill that hole in your collection! This date is very scarce in MS65, and this is Superb Antique Early Applique Quilt one beautiful specimen! FLYING EAGLE CENTS (1856-1858). There is a little spot in the upper right obverse field mentioned for accuracy. This is the highest grade as well as the nicest 1914-D Lincoln Cent we have ever had the opportunity to offer! Each coin typically ranges in price anywhere from one dollar to ten dollars, higher for large orders. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item very rare early #95332 Beautiful light gold toned luster. 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #100009 An appealing example of this rare key date. Note: We only accept payment by check, money order or Paypal with a confirmed address on this item. This is the most affordable example we have ever offered! 00 Availability: 1 in stock Item #98707 This is the rare Small Motto. Very few marks for an MS63! EARLY DIMES (1796-1837). If you’re a hoarder, dealer, sell at flea markets, or just like a great deal, this is for you!

A somewhat common coin in lower circulated grades, but gets scarce in VF and above. It is a lustrous toned down Pair Antique 17c 18c Chinese Rosewood light gray. A pleasing coin for the original toning enthusiast. 00 Availability: 1726 in stock Item #104628 “EF40 Details Cleaned” Looks more VF30 details in our opinion and brighter from being cleaned. The entire motto is bold, including ‘WE’.

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